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King Avalon of Avon (a.k.a. The God King)

From an interview with a religious historian:
"The history of King Avalon of Avon, or the God King, as he often is referred to in the modern tongue, is one comprised of an amalgamations of written and oral accounts, often categorized into religious, political, cultural, and, of course, military histories. Such accounts, the ruling families of Avon have more than been willing to provide which, unsurprisingly, provide us perhaps the most idealized version of the Avalon.

A prince of Avon born during that great war, who came of age in presumably turbulent times, who rose to the throne at the peak of the conflict with the Scourge. Described as charismatic and intelligent, capable yet compassionate; all the characteristics one would wish of a ruler. A king who personally led his forces on the battlefield, who felled throes of monstrosities beneath his blade; the stuff of legends. It is this more martial side that we often see portrayed in artworks, stories, a handsome man, often blond like the ruling families of Avon, armored and with a beaming sword. It is this image of Avalon that we have immortalized, as he was at the conclusion of the war. Whisked away by divine powers to join their ranks. And, from that event, nothing short of a miracle, spawned the histories of so many other staples of Varian life and culture, including histories.

However, histories are just that, histories. Malleable, and often inaccurate without cross referencing. The same care should be taken of the Avalon. Yet, it is rare that any Varian would dare cast a doubt upon his legacy."

Divine Domains

Life, Light, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Avalon's main symbol is that of a white-bladed sword with a golden hilt. It is pointing towards the sky with an illuminated halo around its tip and a pair of ivory wings spread out from the blade.

Physical Description

Body Features

Records indicate Avalon to have been a tall man with blond hair and fair skin, the latter being typical of Avonians.

Facial Features

Often described as a handsome man in records, though actual depictions of Avalon from when he was estimated to have been on Varia remain to be discovered.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Avalon had been a mortal prince of Avon born during the War of the Scourge. He ascended the throne at the height of the conflict whose rule morphed Avon into a bastion for Varia's humanoid races. As the conflict with the Scourge progressed, he supported the Vyliar'faeien's proposition for uniting the continent's remaining forces against the Scourge. Spearheading the formation of the Varian Coalition, Avalon and his council united the remaining Varian forces with the dwarves of the north and the Kingdom of the Evergreens' Expeditionary Forces from the Feylands. During this period, he also began amassing a group of extraordinary individuals that would stand beside him as his peers, and who eventually became known to posterity as The Guardians of Avalon. Appointed the head of the Coalition by its leaders, Avalon proceeded to steer the united forces to combating and eventually banishing the threat from Varia.   His efforts ultimately proved a success by coordinating the Varian Coalition's actions with the Vyliar'faeien's efforts to banish the Corruption. However, the undertaking nearly ended in failure if not for Avalon's ascension to godhood during the conflict, pushing the mortal forces into victory. Remnants of the coalition he once led ultimately evolved into the Order of Avalon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Avalon lead the coalition Varia's forces in its battle against the Scourge which ultimately resulted in their victory.   During the climax of the War of the Scourge, he ascended to godhood to turn the tides of the conflict in favor of the Varian Coalition. Since the banishment of the Corruption, he has joined Varia's pantheon as its youngest and, arguably, most popular deity. In the present, he is used as a symbol for hope and victory in the face of evil, particularly the Scourge, and acts as the patron god of the Order of Avalon.


Religious Views

An individual who ascended to divinity at the end of the War of the Scourge. His domains of influence include life, light, battle, and victory. Considered the youngest of the continent's pantheon, Avalon quickly became one of the, if not most, popular of the deiteis.
"He who was born of the earth,
ascended to the planes above.
Lead us to victory,
To salvation, from the darkness,
Within, and without.
With light and hope,
his strength beacons to us all.
May the blessings of Avalon be upon you."
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The God King
Patron of the Order of Avalon
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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