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"Each facet of the mortal world relies on some foundation—the metaphysical, magic, or some other expression of the sheer force of existence. Whatever the case may be, these aspects of our reality fall within the control, within the domains, of beings who we can attempt to understand yet will only ever gain a modicum of their context in entirety. Deities. Beings theorized to possess so much raw power that they destroy and recreate our world without so much as us having a standing defense in doing so. Yet, they do not. Their presence has spread throughout their world, as does their knowledge and belief, which we mortals take, analyze, and mold to fit out own sense of life itself...Enigmas, they are, that we nonetheless worship and revere, fear, and in some cases, emulate. Though, perhaps, that is why the gods have made themselves scarce beyond troubled times."

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Deities possess the ability to warp reality itself. However, most of the extent of their power lies within their specific domains, also known as the aspects of reality/metaphysical law/the natural world which they have sovereignty over. Deities also have a form of omniscience when tapping into knowledge associated with their domains.   Some deities may exhibit their powers as a sheer display of force while others may further mold them into what is considered magic. When manifesting in physical forms, they tend to have the utmost extent of strength and speed.

Beings spawned from power itself
Related Myths

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