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The City of Gold

We saw first the glimmering gold, shining like a second sun sprouting from the horizon. And like the sun, it rose as our vessel approached. Here was a golden city atop a cliff, like a beacon of splendor. Though, when we came to it, the splendor was for nothing but holy reverence, for the great churches and tributes to their gods adorned near every corner of the city of Ehreal.
— Marco Nosticalla


Ehreal sits at the midpoint of the of Varia's southernmost coast which has made it the busiest port city in Grandia, and a contender for the busiest in the continent's entirety. The city receives a constant stream of naval traffic in addition to traffic from the inland that drives its trade. Leatherworks, jewelry, glass, ceramics, spices, and exotic fruits are among the city's most popular exports.

The city also has a long-sustained fishing industry, serving as a major food provider in Ehreal. The Great Grandian Dessert has provided for Ehreal's glass, jewelry, and ceramics industries.

Ehreal also has a massive shipbuilding industry, though the Order of Avalon serves as its largest client due to commissions for the defense of the coast.

Guilds and Factions

The Order of Avalon doubles as the predominant government over the nation of Grandia, which, by extension, makes it the sovereign power of Ehreal. Churches to Avalon provide the bulk of the city's medical and charitable relief.

In recent years, the Gold Coast Trading Company has consolidated its influence over Grandia's trading companies, though its attempts to monopolizing control has met resistance from the trickling influence of the Goldrocks Guild.


Most of Ehreal's architecture uses stones and materials formed from the golden-colored sands of the Great Grandian Desert. The material gives the holy city its distinct golden color. Most of the roofing in Ehreal uses warm-colored terra cotta or clay. Glass windows are also a staple of Ehreal's architectural style with stained glass being prominent with structures belonging to the Order of Avalon and the affluent.

Location under
Owning Organization
Order of Avalon

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