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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a settlement that’s a major trade hub. What can you find there?
A total of 221 entries

Otham, City of Wealth and Secrets

The black markets of Nightshire

Illume Terminal Space Station

Just Anything It Doesn't Matter

Alazeta, the Slaver's Gate - To be Replaced by Amnach

Campement de Fort de fer

Major Trade Hub - Tinkerdale

Sylvanium: The Great Port of Elionis

Havak'ka (Rahk'kan Trade City)

The Most Serene Republic of Abestrand

SUTENSKEL, The Bell Tower.

Sonatode /sʊnaʈɔdɛ/ Station

Arkatrash, A City of Splendor and Friendly Faces