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Bay of Wrecks


Humans 42%
Halflings 39%
Others 19%


The Baron rules the town through violence and bribery, he has placed his family across key positions within the Bay and controls the guard which enforces the few rules of the town. Within the western side of the Bazaar district there is a courthouse and prison for those whose crimes require spectacle and attention though it is hardly used as the city prefers their vengeance be swift. Each district has a guard post with some having two or more depending on the size and wealth. These guardsmen keep the peace unless they are paid to look the other way, but there are few laws within the city save for disturbing the peace and endangering the city itself. Those who complain can easily become criminals disturbing the guards peace so in most cases it comes down to whomever is strong enough to keep the peace or rich enough to pay for it.   The Guilds have banded together to check against anything that would endanger profits. They hold fast against the Saturday family and are more than willing to see the city burn if too much of their wealth is taken. For now the two factions work an uneasy peace to insure the wealth flows into the city freely.   Originally a representative of the city took the title Baron and represented the city to the nations that fought over the island. The first representative was the founder and merchant who paid for and built most of the city. His death at the hands of a Drow warrior and no family left the city in need to a leader. After some deliberation a campaign was begun to choose who would be the next leader. Since then every five years or so the Baron would be chosen by the merchants, tradesmen, and settlers who had since settled within the Bay. The current leader Baron Saturday arose to power when the last Baron drunkenly pitched into the town's well and drowned. At first there were cries of foul play but with gold being spent freely by the new empowered Baron the city soon came to accept the Halfing even if it happened to be a known criminal.


The port is protected by a deal between the two cities of Ruby and Cobalt. In return for protection from the other cities and various threats the city has sworn to avoid trade in exports the city and instead makes it wealth catering to the various mercenaries and adventurers who pass through the Bay before entering the island.

Industry & Trade

For the the right price just about anything can be bought and sold in the Bay of Wrecks. Due to agreed negotiations between the Ruby and Cobalt no artifacts may be sold except through the Enclaves. Being remote in location but a popular gathering for powerful individuals and mercenary companies the port town has become more of a pirate port with privateers and pirates alike turning to the Bay of Wrecks to launder their ill gotten gains.

The majority of the money the city makes comes from port fees and outfitting merchants and mercenaries with resources needed to move about the island.  

Popular Buildings

The Pestle - Alchemical Supplies
Old Iron - Antiquities/Weapons/Armor
The Splendors of Forbuho - Antiquities/Potions
The Found Tome - Arcane Spellcasting Resources
Metaalys Clothing - Clothing run by an ecentric but popular Halfling
Sanctuary of the Saint Rose - Divine Spellcasting/Healing
Claw and Tooth - Exotic Beasts
Golden Forge - Weapons/Armor
Found Lands - Expedition Gear
Ugroth Prospecting - Expedition Gear
The Thrifty Explorer - Expedition Gear (Cheaper and lower quality)

The Wet Boat - Ship turned Tavern
The Charterhouse - Music/Food/Shelter
The Zombies Head - Seedy Food/Shelter
The Ship's Crow - Food/Shelter
The Bloody Ring - Pit Fights and seedier entertainment

Ruby Enclave - Situated on the west side of town
Cobalt Enclave - Situated on the east side of town


The Bay of Wrecks is split into several districts each with their own leader or organization that represents the district:  
  • The Bazaar District is the center of the city and it's beating heart. With the majority of shops as well as an open market there is little that cannot be bought or sold within the city. Save for the various magical artifacts and ancient relics taken from the island. The district is represented by the Merchants guild, the second largest and second most influential organization within the city.
  • The Tradesman District is set at the north end of the city closest to the island itself. Here there are men and women of all species working on the various materials farmed from the island to make wondrous arms and armor for all who walk the island. Their leader is Thorin Saturday, the chief customs agent who's clerks review all that comes into the city from the island.
  • Disrict of Wonders is set on the north east end of the city and apart from most of the residences save those willing to risk flame and fume. Here arcana is practiced and taught while any wonders can be purchased for the right price. Leader of the district is Harlock Saturday, an adopted Tiefling but still a member of the Saturday family.
  • The Necropolis district is home to the final resting place of those who can afford it and the various churches that oversee the city's faithful. Brigitte Saturday manages the Necropolis itself and sees to it that those with the proper coin get a burial free from the machinations of Drow Necromancers. The district is on the eastern most side of the city.
  • The Port District is located in the southern most point of the city right next to the Bazaar District. The Port directs most people into the majority of the city an accepts all who enter or leave. Before one can do either do they must pass by the representative Freya Saturday, Harbour Master to the Bay of Wrecks.
  • Shanty District is the largest district though least powerful, home to almost half the population the Shanty is the second oldest of districts within the Bay. Found in the south eastern side of the city the homes are smaller and more affordable but crime is rampant as the watch avoids the worst streets. Zommi Saturday is the chief landowner though in truth he is a glorified rent collector. He cares not who is currently living within the homes just that they pay their taxes.
  • The Captains District is home to the rich and influential members of the city. Within the western portion of the city the psudo-nobility and adventurers who retired successfully make themselves at home while dictating the social scene of the city. The district is led by Baroness Wilhelmina Saturday, former noble of the Castanet Empire she uses his training and skills to control the cities culture and wealth.

Guilds and Factions

Within the city there are two major factions and a few smaller. The Saturday Crime Family and the Merchants Guild control the majority of the city and battle among themselves for control. Within the Merchants Guild the Tradesmen have their own faction that sees to the workers of the city are properly looked after while the Merchants faction looks to squeeze every gold into their coffers. The Arcanists work within the Merchants guild but only out of necessity for wealth and materials.

Besides the two largest competitors there are both Ruby and Cobalt factions within the city vying for control of the island itself to their respective empire. The two have split the city in half between each other and half small conflicts that are beneath the notice of the rest of the city's movers and shakers.

The smallest factions that have some influence within the city are the Drow and the Captains factions. The Drow themselves are small in number but have come to the city with wealth and the promise of more in return for more information on both the dealings in Forbuho and the rest of the world beyond the island. While the Captain's of the various ships that travel back and forth between Forbuho and the rest of the world have banded together to insure their own security and prosperity.


Based between the two warring cities of Forbuho the Bay of Wrecks came about when the remains of several merchant ships had washed up in the same location. With either Ruby or Cobalt sinking merchant ships before they could sell at either port there was a possibility of the war stalling. Angered at the losses the merchant companies gathered together and demanded they be given freedom of movement or they would cease shipping of all resources to and from either side. After tense negotiation the graveyard for these ships was appointed neutral and all shipping around the island was protected by both nations. From the graveyard of ships wood and iron was cannibalized to build a dock and from that dock a shanty town grew into a small city. Now this small city is a thriving cove where almost anything can be bought and sold.   In the past few decades the Saturday Crime Family has taken control of the city muscling out the merchants who established themselves as leader within the city. Now the criminal enterprise has taken the city and improved upon it's standing as it uses their talents to insure their profit along with the city grows.


The city is a mess of shanty towns built from salvaged wood. As you walk deeper into the city the building become much more elaborate and well made as the moneyed merchants began hiring woodcutters and carpenters to build better towns. Still no matter how well off the merchant was the carpenters on hand were from the ships and have kept the style and skills they knew, making the city appear as patchwork of ships.

Natural Resources

The wood from the jungles are plenty but due to the dense magical energies of the land a tree that is felled one night might reappear the next day or melt the woodsman's ax. There are a great number of fisherman who supply the city with the majority of its food though enough of the jungle has been torn away to create a few farms that experience middling results. Most farmers and fishermen are retired sailors or adventurers who could not pay for passage off the island. Larger creatures that live within the jungle also provide meat but their cost is great due to the dangers in collecting their meat.
Alternative Name(s)
The Bay, The Wrecks, Middletown
Inhabitant Demonym
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