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Saturday Crime Family


Baron Samuel Saturday holds the Bloody Coin in a secret location under magic and secret guards. With the coin Samuel controls both his family and the city to which he has established most of his immediate family in key potions. Below the immediate family are branch members and favored allies who are either married into the family or are key individuals who have proved themselves. Below that are distant family members and other hangers on who have bought their way into the family or are trying to gain the attention of the higher ranked to avoid having to buy themselves into the family.  

Key Members include:

  • Baron Samuel Saturday: Leader of the gang as well as the city his control is not from his strength or charisma but rather his cunning and ruthlessness.
  • Brave Saturday: brother to Samuel and the leader of the town guard as well as the secret police his men and women keep the peace among the crooks and criminals as well as the population at large. Though his organization is crooked and corrupt there is a fine line he will not cross and will support the family no matter what.
  • Kimnal Saturday: Chief assistant and scribe to Samuel by day he is the head assassin of the Saturday family by night. A master assassin in his own right he manages the few experts while hiding in plain sight.
  • Brigitte Saturday: Manager of the necropolis Brigitte manages to the bodies of all those who die without burials at sea. This includes removing all wealth the bodies have upon them but she does prevent all other tampering with the dead for the right price.
  • Baba Satuday: Samuel's father in-law and former noble among the Castanet Empire after objecting to his daughter marriage he changed his mind and his surname when he learned of the power he could be given. Now he manages the deals and negotiations between the Saturday family's crime elements and their government dealings. Baba represents the city as legal council should ever the population clamor for justice rather than swift revenge.
  • Nibo Saturday: Youngest daughter of Samuel and chief inquisitive she solved all serious crimes within the Bay of Wrecks as well as sniffing out any sedition within the ranks of the family. Her death at the hands of some adventures has pushed Samuel into a fit and made him being to take more risks to hopes of getting revenge for his favorite child.

Public Agenda

Manage the Bay of Wrecks towards wealth and prosperity. Among the seedier element the family is also known for it's objective to make as much gold as possible.


As whisper and rumors spread throughout the dark guilds many heard that if one offered enough to the Saturday family they could be granted power. The prominence and skill of the Saturday family has proven they have something on their side and rich thieves offered large hordes in return for something more. Now the Saturday family has risen to be the largest criminal organization not backed by an evil deity.   Their resources include most of the Bay of Wrecks as well as various criminal guilds across the Castanet Empire. Thanks to the wealth from both the island and the war on Forbuho the Saturday Crime family has enough resources to rightfully become burgeoning a nation unto themselves. All they need now is a place to settle and become the capitol to their empire.


Since the early age of mortals the Saturn family of Halflings have been filled with scoundrels and thieves. Operating on the fringe of society they never made a big difference till Esra Saturn made a deal with a shadowy being for power. From that point on the newly renamed Saturday family displayed talents and skills that made them stand out and each generation grew in power. The current family runs the Bay of Wrecks with only one child running off to play adventurer.   The main source of their power is the yearly ritual that the owner of a relic “The Bloody Coin” that Esra Saturday swore upon. This magical artifact can grant abilities in exchange for wealth that is sacrificed to the coin. This also insures the family has plenty of followers and descendants as many pay for the privilege to gain such power. Today the extended Saturday gang is almost a hundred strong with twice as many hangers on.   In truth their powers come from a deal with a devil. One of the archdevils crafted a magical artifact that would grant power in return for their wealth. Depending on how much wealth is sacrificed the the Bloody Coin would grant them a fraction of power, and in doing so damn their soul to the Many Layered Abyss. Esra knew of this and willingly paid but failed to mention the cost to his family. Since then many have offer their souls unknowingly though a few have found out from the ritual itself, though surprisingly even knowing none have changed their minds. One night a year on the anniversary of the deal the family gathers to offer a portion of their wealth to the Bloody Coin in return for power. Esra kept this power just to the family but ever since Samuel's mother Dame Saturday wrested control from her father she opened the ritual to those willing to pay. This flooded the Saturday coffers with plenty of coins and newly empowered criminals who would be loyal to the family, the ritual could be performed multiple times though only those close to the family were ever allowed to do so more than once.   Ever since Dame Saturday revealed the secret that their prowess came from the Bloody Coin there have been many who have attempted to take the coin by force and by guile but none have been successful. The closest was the Oana the Halfling conspiracy that created a civil war within the Saturday family itself. Brother fought brother has the Oana tried to convince their halfling brethren that the Bloody Coin could be used to protect the halfing race. Dame Saturday was killed by her daughter, Kalisa but Samuel grabbed the coin and held control. Eventually the faction of Saturday halflings that followed the Oana was either exiled or killed and the criminal element within the family reigned supreme with Samuel at the helm. Rather than further challenge the Oana the family itself left to settle upon a burgeoning free-port that was rife with corruption. With their power and skill it was not long before the Saturday family had taken over most of the city, many of the more upright citizens disliked outsiders claiming the city but none had the ability to stop them. Thankfully their city prospered under the Barony of Samuel Saturday and the number of disadents grew small enough that their deaths would not be looked into.   Now as the Bay of Wrecks grows so too does the Saturday family as they have infiltrate many ports and established themselves as both official and criminal. The Baron has eyes on the conflict between Ruby and Cobalt and sees both profit and advantage, were it not for the Drow Courts of the Dead acting as a spoiler one side would have won and the Bay could have in turn struck at the weakened army with their own resources. Instead they wait for the right opportunity to turn the war to their side should the situation ever arise.

Sworn on the Bloody Coin

Illicit, Other
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