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Castanet Empire

The Castanet family practically own everything in the islands and take a share weather it is from legal channels or less then reputable sources. They make the laws and require permits for almost everything, enforcing their rules with the aid of their vast wealth and hired mercenaries. Though as of lately there has been tribes of natives who survived the initial pogrom that wiped out many of the native Elvin population to revolt against the civilizations that has settled there. There is also a rival fleet of pirates who now target Castanet ships specifically.   The Castanet family, rich merchant queens who made their wealth trading and pirating. They were able to establish camps that brought back gold from primitive temples. With rumors of wealth rising those camps grew into towns and eventually cities. After a time the gold had dried up but in its place were thriving communities and a merchant empire.


The Castanet family practically own everything in the islands and have established their monarchy through force. The various islands they control each have either a direct member of the Castanet family or some distant cousin as governor of the island. A portion of all money is sent back to the main family while resources are funneled to grow the settlements.

Public Agenda

Profit, Plunder, Power


The Castanet family controls over a dozen warships and twice as many merchant ships. A few islands have working gold mines with these riches they have gathered one of the most well funded armies in the world.


After a Castanet family merchant ship found the archipelago the family hired mercenaries to cleanse the island of the primitive elves who lived on the islands. Willing to buy and sell anything on the islands they quickly became a favored pirate port all the while they embellished their own pirate careers to encourage their trade of goods while downplaying their illicit means to the countries they traded with to maximize their profits.

Demography and Population

38% Halfling
28% Human
19% Elf
15% Other


Of the nearly one hundred islands in Yakune Almost half are large enough to be habitable. Of that number four of the islands hold large cities, five are small cities, and nine are small towns. There are also well over two dozen encampments of various explorers and adventurers who are investigating the various islands.


The Empire has well over a dozen warships of various sizes and hold a well armed and well paid army. Their naval forces are also bolstered by allied pirate ships.

Foreign Relations

While the Empire had good relations with the spread of pirate activity most nations have attempted to reduce their dealing with the Empire.

Profit, Plunder, Power

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Pirate Nation
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Queen has full control over the entire Empire though the family is often consulted and advise her.
Judicial Body
Each island is allowed semi-autonomous control so long as a profit is made.

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