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When the ArchFey left the the second world they did so from the island of Forbuho. To hide where they fled to and prevent either mortals or gods from following they tainted the land with the planes forcing dozens of planes to blur together. Within the island the planes have twisted over each other till one many planes exist overlapping the same location. This has led the island to become rich in magic but also made it much more difficult to set foot anywhere but the coasts. Many mortals are unaware of the true nature of the island and believe it cursed. As landmarks move from day to day and trees felled the night before return stronger and more sinister many would be scared off.  
We had stumbled across the island by accident. I had attempted to create an arcane propeller that could replace sails or oarsmen but it turned out too powerful, we were blown off course into the doldrums believing ourselves doomed. I was about to be hanged when a sailor atop the crows nest sighted land. Perhaps if we knew then what we know now we would have attempted to turn around and row back to the Republic. -The Great Sage
  When the Great Sage discovered the island of Forbuho he never expected to start a war. Born between a minor noble of the Kingdom of Scarlett and a famous bard from the Azure republic he was never really accepted by either country until he discovered the island on accident. After finding an island full of raw magic, ancient artifacts, and rare creatures both countries claimed the Sage's discovery. Since then Azure Republic has been at war with the Kingdom of Scarlett which has lasted for over a hundred years. But thanks to an abundance of wealth from the Island itself and plenty of mercenaries there seems to be no end. This has also been complicated as a tribe of Dark Elves has been found and created a third side to this war. While the Dark elves are not outright hostile to the new visitors they have staked their claim to the island.


We sent explorers to investigate and map out the land but the deeper they went the less likely they were to come back. I remember walking side by side with one of my men and suddenly he was a mile ahead of me. We tried to run to a spot between us but as I ducked under a tree I lost sight of him and never heard from him again. I heard a wizard try to explain it to me but all I can tell is the island is cursed. -Danton Bree, Ruby Pathfinder
  Forbuho is a tropical island with reefs and hidden rockbeds making most of the coast unassailable. Within the center of the island is a dorman volcano that flickers between existing and vanishing depending on where you are looking from. Due to the nature of the island much of the geography changes depending on what plane is closest and able to influence the surrounding land. This planar disturbance becomes stronger the closer one gets to the Flickering Mountain with the coast being relatively untouched by most of the disturbances in the planes.

Fauna & Flora

One day a Dammoth appeared in the middle of the jungle near the city. The Baron declared a bounty of a hundred gold to whomever fought the giant beast and a thousand to those who managed to drop it. I figured if I held back and threw my sling stones at it I could ride the coat-tails of the adventurers and gold toshers but we didn't expect all those Velocipruge to be running around it. In the end we put in more than a hundred gold's worth and the Bay took half the Dammoth as tax. Some complained but you don't say nothing against the Saturday Clan unless I want to end up floating in the port. - Cato, Smuggler
  The island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including plants found only in remote planes. As the ArchFey twisted the island's natural properties a large number of dire breed and plane-touched creatures as well as larger magical animals can be found across the entire island. The difficulty lies in identifying the correct plant as much of the flora has the ability to disguise itself as a harmless subfamily. One might be strolling across a field of grass only to get caught in a patch of razorweed or caught by assassin vines.   The animals and creatures that live within Forbuho are as varied as they are dangerous. Some scholars believe that the various creatures existed on other planes until crossing over to the mortal plane onto Forbuho. This is the best explination for the titans that appear occasionally though due to the difficulty in investigating much of the island few have been able to confirm this.

Natural Resources

We tried to clear the trees but each night some trees would grow back. At first we were elated to have an endless supply of wood but sometimes the wood was ... darker ... it would bleed or break the axes and sometimes they would fight back. I heard one guy walked into a clear field and ended up caught in the middle of a tree, no one knew where it came from. -Offel Shadot, Retired Woodcutter
  Forbuho is rich in wood and other natural resources. Thanks to the many planes crossing over it is possible to harvest the same forest well over a dozen times before it has been felled in every plane. This also allows for materials rich in planar energies that are superior components in both arcane and divine spell-casting. The Elemental Clay from Ruby and Shadow Wood from Cobalt both are prized around the world for their unique properties and are sold across the world. While many have professed a desire to claim the ore from the Flickering Mountain few have been able to grab little more than a sack full of rocks at best, the area around the mountain being regarded as the most dangerous place on the island.

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