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Named for the towering mountains the ArchFey were the first dominant life upon the land they called the world Sadin'Shaw when translated from High Fey is the Dragon's Scales.


The world is made up of several large landmasses the largest of which is Gedic the continent where the Republic of Man has reigned supreme till the Reclamation rose to fight the ever expanding reach of humanity. Now tradition itself has arisen to fight progress as the two forces clash to see if the world is ready for the future.   The smallest continent but also the most advanced is Sylpheed as its entire area floats above the sea which it once occupied. Here the greatest mages and sages work side by side to advance knowledge. But with the new Dean of Weis promoting results over everything a newer and more sinister type of knowledge has begun to fester.   Leatis is a continent with a scatted collection of city-states that used to be a number of empires, now after countless masters and even more wars the land is slowly rebuilding.   Deep in the frozen south is the land of ice and snow Barence. In this hard land only the strong survive to carve out a harsh but fulfilling life. While there is not many civilizations what few who have survived are stronger for it.   Kadian prosperous and strong but split into two countries. These sundered lands fight for the very soul of their lands, will the xenophobic human country of Kaida rise victorious or will the burgeoning Free Republic resist and free all those shackled by hate?   While some contients thrive others fester, Corrlus is the staging grounds for the Bleak Empire, only the theocratic state of the Holy Order of Saint Rose based around the faith and principles of "Doing Good" their kingdom has yet to face the shades of gray that the world is rife with.   But not all countries rest upon the continents as a collection of almost a hundred islands all supposedly under the rule of the Castanet Halfling Empire make up Yakune. With the islands wealth and thriving merchant and pirate vessels the Castanet empire has become one of the riches countries. Of course the original inhabitants, primitive elves, have arisen in number and organized to take back their stolen land.   Besides the world above the world below hides under the very surface as Sadin'Zurah the Dragons Bones the labyrinthine caverns, tunnels and complexes hide a world beneath rich with life and secrets.
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A lot of important details about your continents! Good job : )