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Arcane Dust


Physical Characteristics

Arcane dust is brilliant to look upon coming in a wide variety of hues. Should run their hands through the dust they will feel a slight tingle depending on their own ability to wield magic with master arch-mages unable to touch the material without gloves.


The dust itself is magical through without a spellcaster or ritual the dust itself is inert.

Geology & Geography

Anywhere there is magic the essence of the arcane dust can be found, while not easily identifiable in it's raw unrefined state it will seep into the ground and subtly enchant the plants and water that exist around it.

Origin & Source

Magic drawn from the essence of the universe infuses the magical tools used by many. Performing a specific ritual allows the spellcaster to either create a magic item, further enhance an existing magic item, or destroy the item and draw out all of the magic into Arcane Dust.

History & Usage


First found by early enchanters who drew the ambient magic around them into harder and stronger tools when they attempted to transfer their enchantment to another tool they found the original enchanted tool destroyed leaving arcane dust in it's place. Since then many enchanters as well as other traditions have investigated and experiments on the use and properties of arcane dust.

Everyday use

Arcane dust is used in many enchanting and all disenchanting of magical tools and arms. Most enchanters will create various enchanted objects to draw their natural magics around them before destroying them and drawing their arcane dust from the remains of the object. The dust is then used to further enhance or create stronger and more powerful magical items.

Cultural Significance and Usage

As a rare material hard to produce arcane dust is seen as an expensive resource seen in cities and large civilizations. Only wealthy government, adventurers, and large noble house are able to produce a significant amount of arcane dust making the material a sign of wealth and prosperity though it is almost never used cosmetically as that is too much of a waste. Instead arcane dust is used to enchant magical tools, arms, and armors that are used throughout the world.

Industrial Use

Arcane dust is used to both power and create many magical and maegitech tools as well as fueling both enchanter and arcanist professions. Many standing armies have used a significant amount of dust to produce enchanted weapons should the need arise.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

While anyone with knowledge of the proper rituals and the ability to cast spells can create an enchanted object the amount of arcane dust that is produced when destroying the object is equal to the enchantment and not the size of the object.


In places where there is an abundance of magic ingestion of naturally occurring arcane dust will produce dire breeds of animals, feeding an animal arcane dust that has been produce on the other hand will alter the creature in more unnatural ways. People who ingest enough of the arcane dust that is either naturally produced or artificially produced will begin to develop unnatural mutations both physically and mentally, while these mutations will often come with some arcane ability often the benefits do not match the flaws.

Enviromental Impact

In places where there is an concentration of naturally occurring arcane dust the flora can mutate into semi-sentient and often deadly. It is said that treants, ents, dryads, and other plant based creatures were born from an overabundance of arcane dust in the area.



Arcane dust is incredibly dangerous if not stored in magically intert iron containers. Left over dust that is too small to be gathered or having soaked into the various areas around it will often warp the very properties of the world around it. Many believe several magical monsters and abominations have come into existence from arcane dust affecting the world around it.

Law & Regulation

Many kingdom, empires, and cities will regulate where and who is allowed to work with the material and where they can do so as it can become very dangerous if misused. While only banned by communities that forbid magic on the whole there is little that can be done to find and prevent the use or distribution of the material.

Arcane dust is valued by weight with a whole pound of it being worth more than one hundred thousand gold.
While naturally occurring the ability to extract the magic from the world and then convert it into the universally useful material is rare.
Arcane dust smells different to everyone. Often related to their experiences a baker might smell a warm hearth while a wizard will smell old tomes.
Arcane dust seemingly has no taste to those who do not ingest magic. Anyone who samples arcane dust will be unable to sense anything beyond the texture of the grains.
Arcane Dust comes in a variety of colors depending on the magic used. While there is no difference in quality and the colors themselves rarer colors drawn from purer magic sources are in demand for their perceived traits.
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