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Holy Order of Saint Rose


The Organization is split into two sides the Church and the Holy Army both led by the Sovereign who oversees all Potentates and major decisions.   Within the church hierarchy under the Sovereign is the Potentate of Light who is leader of the flocks and second in command when it comes to the Church.Beneath the Potentate are Exemplar Priests who are leaders of the church they oversee over the priesthood depending on the size of the congregation and resolve any disputes between priests as well as listen to the appeals of the initiates. They also recommend initiates into the knighthood. Beneath the Exemplar are Priest Priests oversee their congregations they tell the tales of the Saint that lead the people towards lives through the virtues of the church. They also are encouraged to show their faith by action and acts of good.   Within the Military hierarchy under the Sovereign is the Potentate of Arms who is leader of the legions and second in command when it comes to military. Beneath the Potentate are Exemplar Knights who are the experienced Knights trained and leaders over a single cohort with the all the cohorts together forming the legion. Beneath the Exemplar are Knights that make up the main body of soldiers trained and often grouped into bands of five called wings and five wings forming a cohort totaling one hundred men.   Initiates are the lowest rank given to all who wbegin their path knighthood or priests. Before becoming knights or priests the initiates will be given a pilgrimage. Each pilgrimage is unique to the individual's choices with many traveling around the country while more travel across the seas to spread the faith and do good in the name of the Rose.   Lastly the flock are those who are faithful to the Saint Rose but take no part in the Church itself, while citizens of the Order unless they provide significant resources to the church they are considered the lowest rank within the country.

Public Agenda

The Holy Order's code of conduct, held that the true knight must hold that Conscience, Willpower, Courage, and Conviction as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life was also imperative, as it added balance to the knightly character of the Order.  

  • Conscience
    • Following your best judgment to distinguishes right from wrong
  • Willpower
    • The strength to act, or forbear from acting, in the pursuit of good.
  • Courage
    • The resolve to face the consequences of your actions.
  • Conviction
    • The drive to follow the path of good deed no matter what evils avail you.

The Knight's Code - The Rule of Rose

Law and Order

The statute of law among the Holy Order was crafted from the church hierarchy with the Sovereign, Potentate of Light, and Exemplars crafting the Rule of Rose which makes up the majority of laws throughout the country. Among those laws the core being the precepts of faith that outline the rights of all lawful sentient species. The establishment of what species are considered sentient began with the common mortal races but has been appended to recognize half-breeds and a few more sociable species of monstrous humanoids. Those not recognized are then categorized into specific categories of beast, construct, aberration, elemental, or outsider each with specifics as to what laws relate to them.  
A merfolk? Are they not considered half breed human and fish? No? Well then they should be outsiders, not of this realm. The land and sea are as different realms as the the heavens and the earth. Thus as outsiders they are to be allowed peaceful existence so long as they pose no threat to any man, woman, or child.
-Uthor Ponce, Exemplar Knight of the Saint Rose judging weather the city may trade with a delegation of merfolk


Outside serious crimes left to the The Rose's Thorn those of rank Knight and above are allowed to judge any minor criminal activity that does not involve anyone of equal or greater rank. While the accused may appeal to those of a higher rank often the judgement is followed with whatever punishment the Knight may deem necessary. Rarely the punished would win their appeal and would be paid an indulgence for being unjustly punished as their crimes would be overturned.   The Rose's Thorn, often shortened to Thorns, is an organization within the Holy Order of Saint Rose which uses various methods, including torture, to gain confessions from suspected criminals. They are also commonly known as inquisitors led by the high inquisitor their branch is outside the regular organization of the Holy Order and subject only to the Potentate's and themselves.  
I would not deal with the Thorn's if possible. It is one thing to fight an evil man in fair combat but it is another to burn take a man and put him through the crucible. They can find the evil in men but what man would not say anything to spare the burning brand.
Gustav Faux, former Knight of the Saint Rose, confessed heretic, deceased.


Once a unified feudal country under the Corrlus kingdom. While not evil much of the country was suffering from a plague of undead that forced much of the nobility to hide within their estates. When a few Knights of the Saint Rose pushed back the undead plage instead of thanks then King Corrlus XXII grew fearful that the Knights of the Saint Rose were undermining his authority. Imprisoning the Knights under false claims they had caused the blight of undead a former noble turned follower of the Saint Rose killed the King and much of the nobility after leading a peasant revolt. After deposing the King rather than take the title himself Lord Rand Dulchant built a theocratic state around the Knights of the Saint Rose and renamed the capitol Rosaceae.   For the next dozen years the various duchies all fought against the Holy Order as independent kingdoms all claiming the Corrlus crown. While it seemed Rosaceae was outnumbered the rival duchies fought just as much with each other as they did the Holy Order. Alliances were made and broken with the Order standing alone. Were it not for their growing numbers of converts among the peasant population the burgeoning theocratic nation would have been crushed, instead their numbers grew as many adherents fought with zealous furor. As the smaller houses were crushed or absorbed it fell to four forces: the Holy Order of Saint Rose, the remote Crowlech who were considered impregnable in their mountains, the rich Tondal who controlled the ports, and the fierce Kondu soldiers who were small in number but had crushed all others. But in a suprise twist the Bitas Kondu, head of the army bowed before the Saint Rose and became the first Potentate of Arms and leader of the Order's legions. Together the two armies crushed the Tondal and set about a siege of the Crowlech.   While the siege was in place the Order went about establishing their newfound government establish itself across the country. After a year of scouts and messengers all failing to return from Crowlech a small but elite cohort led by Bitas Kondu herself was set to learn of the fate of Crowlech. Of the hundred soldiers less than two dozen returned, rather than starved the Crowlech soldiers had all died and arisen as undead. The entire mountain range was controlled by the undead now led by the undead general Bitas Kondu. Calling itself the Bleak Empire the undead attacked attempting to kill all. The fighting is close, for every fallen soldier a new enemy arises but the Holy Order has their faith to defend. Locked in a stalemate the Holy Order of Saint Rose has kept the undead in check if barely.

Demography and Population

88% Human
12% Other

Trade & Transport

The Order keeps various ports open to all trade to support the nation. While their paladin's are the primary export the country has become popular for it's incense and spices unique to the region. As Corrlus is central to several trade routes the country has managed to flourish within the arid climate.

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Order, Holy Order, Black Roses
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
The Holy Order exports their forces as Paladins in search of monsters, the undead, and evil to be slain. For their deeds often a village will give what they can spare to the Paladin who in turn sends it back to Rosaceae to be distributed.
Major Imports
Due to their war with the Bleak Empire the largest imports are ores and steel as well as the pilgrims. Thanks to the church sending many of their inexperienced knights on missionary work a great many young men and women have been inspired to come to the Holy Order.
Official State Religion
Knights of Saint Rose
Parent Organization
Knights of Saint Rose
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations

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