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Summer Camp 2018

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Write an introduction to the geography of your world. (Optional: share a map!)
319 in total

The articles

Das Land Balsorra

El Mundo que podría haber sido.

The Successor Realms

The Orion Spur

Central Haven

Haunt: the Continent of Altir

The Balacen Ocean

The Alliance of Galoria

Intro to Geography

The Archipelago of the skull

Geography of Lawold


Archaic Expanse

Paranis Sector

Central Continent

Alwaus, The Known World

The Ambersans Emok

The Realm Of Fire

Western Continent

The Scorched Lands

Global Geography

Mondaris Geography

The Creeping Forest

The Multiverse

The Fissin Islands

The Land of Vallanna

Baiyl River

Great Plains

Emerald Channel

Grasslands of Makkah

The Scar of Rintarax

The North Pole

Continent of Egera

Chenga Mountains

The Geography of Čavijet


Ardesables | Burningsands

Rockspire Island

Verdant Tunnels

The world, in summary

The Gilded Mountains


Mortland (Island)

The world of Hybrid Horizon

The Continent of Len

Cinturon de Ourglet

Ptyrponean Sea

Die Sümpfe von Urlanda

Shattered Continent

The Fortlands

Southern Kreata


Fire Valley

Terra, the Mothering Planet (Epoch Julius 2000)

The Land of Hyrule

About: Lake X

Adhine, The World Below

Alaniveh: An Overview of the Emerald of the World

The Thratic Sea

Tshan Harbour

Republic of Waterdeep

Geography of Channirith

The Majestic Dominion of Elionis

The Overlooked Regions

Western Island

The Medos Ocean

Geography of Dabos

Erydian Sector

Stone Divide

Emtia - Region

Digital World - Surface Render

Introducción a la geografía de la Dimensión Etérea

Ustril Geography

World Geography

Averan Wildlands

Yudonia's Geography


Engoru Savanna


Coraly , The Ruins

The Necrotic Wastes

The Library Spires

The Heartland

Caldara (World)

The United Planets -Geography-

Le Royaume de Septemvir

Hermies System

Enclave of Escos

The Razor Peak Mountains

Sivil Plain

The Planet of Teicna

The World of Ultimus - OLD


Dra'cora in the Modern Day

The Continent of Castordia

Graeton Peninsula

Ezekias' Fount

From the Heavens, to the Far Deep

Arxipèlag d'Eimai

Les Terres de Mirri

Geography of the Sundered Realm

The Stormheart Archipelago

Geography Overview

The Splintered Coast

Mount Gryphen

Nydij Desert

White Reach (Planet)

County Dunnaith

The Betwixt

The Eternal Spires and the Seat of the Adrean Empire


Firtinasi Grasslands



The Heart of the Mountain

The Nine Realms

Weberstown geography.

Island Continent of Bellflower

Northsea Tristate Area

Zondoshinda Aroya

The Zones of Alvelotyl

The Solar System

Capú, The Inhabited Realm of Surk

The Islands of Evocation

Core Rakai

The Freelands

The Map of Sierra Minor

The zebra lands

The White God's Forest

The Acholt

HANDONE DOL PLAIN, the Lonesome Community


Geography of Thravil

Godstair, the Great Escarpment

Maadfir Oasis

The Whispering Vale

The Continent

Introduction to the Geography of Isidoro

Senea: The Center of the World

Gormanic ocean

The Skulls Freefall

The Tradelands

Erub: A Major Continent

The Geography of Istralar

Planes of Existence

Kycer Valley (and Below)

The Seven Sisters (Continents)

The Travelers Guide to Aqualon

Saratov Island

The Giant's Way

Imperial Provinces

The Village Of Lib

Mellaran Empire

The Bloated Forest

Morbosi Marshes

The Enclave Of Anoufugor /anɵfuɢoɹ/ (World Congress Base)

Diamond Maze

The Ravenwall

The Dread Wastes

Cthone: An Outline

The Eastern Continent


The world of the Divided

Slumbering Highlands

The World of Gaelinar

The Mountain

The Southern Isles

The Milky Way

The World and its Differences From Earth

Irontooth Mountains


The Middle Plains

Kingdom of Sorrano

Overview of Daytar Leamay

Oileán nan-uaisle

Yatràpà Continent

The Grey Halls

The Centre of the World

The Great Rift of Zahkeerum

Mastu - Basic Geography

Unknown Universe (Looking for a good name!)

Orbis Mundus Primus

Sword Mountains

Obsidian Forest

Southern Desert

Stolis Island

Dragon's Forest

Goraski Description

Structure of Cosmos

North Ternguiré

Peninsula of Laskea

Introduction to Geography

Nordkap von Arendir

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