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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write an introduction to the geography of your world. (Optional: share a map!)
A total of 307 entries

El Mundo que podría haber sido.

The Archipelago of the skull

The world of Hybrid Horizon

Terra, the Mothering Planet (Epoch Julius 2000)

Alaniveh: An Overview of the Emerald of the World

The Majestic Dominion of Elionis

Digital World - Surface Render

Introducción a la geografía de la Dimensión Etérea

The United Planets -Geography-

From the Heavens, to the Far Deep

Geography of the Sundered Realm

The Stormheart Archipelago

The Eternal Spires and the Seat of the Adrean Empire

Weberstown geography.

Capú, The Inhabited Realm of Surk

The Islands of Evocation

HANDONE DOL PLAIN, the Lonesome Community

Godstair, the Great Escarpment

Introduction to the Geography of Isidoro

Faneshorn: The Center of the World

Kycer Valley (and Below)

The Enclave Of Anoufugor /anɵfuɢoɹ/ (World Congress Base)

The world of the Divided

The World and its Differences From Earth

Unknown Universe (Looking for a good name!)