Phantasmer's Soul

Through the inky blackness the pillars rose, beams of bright light that made him squint despite the numbness. The center one was the largest; a massive, building-sized beam that stretched into eternity, surrounded by four slightly smaller ones. From Koijea's throat protruded a thin, glowing thread that led to one of the smaller pillars. He recognized this place from all the stories and lessons from his parents and others. The numbness, the lack of breathing, the perfect stillness and silence of it all, and the pillars. The massive pillars of balance. He was in Mekhazi, which meant only one thing; he had died.


Mekhazi is a blank expanse of darkness, with the only light coming from the five Balance Pillars. There is nothing else inside Mekhazi, so the light doesn't reflect on anything else. All five pillars are pale yellow and reach vertically for eternity. The pillars include and life and death pillars which are opposite each other, and the chaos and order pillars; also opposite each other. In the center is the core pillar, which was thought to be created from the soul of a dying star.

Fauna & Flora

Because Mekhazi is a neutral space, no physical body can exist in it. Only souls can exist in this space, including the Stzozanel, who have to shed any physical forms they take on. The Stzozanel use Mekhazi as a meeting place, and also to recharge their godly powers from the Core Pillar. Any souls drawn into Mekhazi for whatever reason (such as Sonphanta being tethered to the Life Pillar) will be unable to feel physical pain. Usually souls will feel more strongly than usual and become more emotional during time in Mekhazi.


Mekhazi began when Phantasmer did; when a star died and its soul collapsed upon itself, creating the planet and a separate plane, where the last of the star's soul became the Core Pillar. As the planet grew, imbalances began to occur and began to pull the Core Pillar apart, threatening to collapse it. In its defense, the Core Pillar created the four other Balance Pillars; chaos, order, life, and death. From these pillars came the four pure souls of the Peloris; creatures meant to keep balance among the physical plane so that the Core Pillar would survive.
Mekhazi is thought to be the bare bones of all of Phantasmer; the Balance Pillars keep everything in order, and the Stzozanel are supplements; fine tuning to the larger balancing act. The Stzozanel can also use the Life Pillar to tether a mortal to, rendering their soul immortal and making them a Sonphanta. They can also use the Death Pillar to create a Visalma; soulless beings created from a natural essence that cannot die because they were never alive. Due to the opposing natures of their pillars, Sonphanta and Visalma will either be drawn to each other or repelled.
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~ Creation of Phantasmer


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