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Great Plains

A vast and fertile land, eventually leading to the fall of anyone who would occupy it. Nobody likes powerful neighbours, after all.
— Human historian
Great Plains is a vast territory, covering several dozens of thousands of square miles. The land here is fertile, allowing for a big population to survive on it. The Great Plains are located between the Krisna on the east and the Endless Forest surrounding them from all other sides. The territory is unofficially divided into two parts: the Old Plains, the area that was considered to be a part of Great Plains for centuries, and the New Plains, which were the result of humans cutting down entire forests in order to get more arable land.   The Great Plains have been inhabited by nomadic grey orcs for two thousand years. Soon after they came here and kicked everyone off the land the humans came in too, running from the infuriated wood elves.   The orcs gave them a hard time and forced humans to leave the Plains by crossing the Krisna. The black orcs established their small kingdom called Blomond on the border of the Great Plains soon after those events. However, a century ago, in 846 AE, the so-called civilized humans came back and took the whole Plains from orcs in a matter of a month, making it a new part of their empire. After the Human Empire has collapsed, the now-free territories formed a group of independent realms, the so-called Free Duchies.


Plains, plains, again those damn plains. Would we ever get just a little bit of a shadow here?!
— A human soldier during the invasion
The Great Plains are, as the name implies, mostly plains. There are some hills and occasional forests, but they occupy only a small portion of land. There is also a small mountain range not far from the border of the Great Plains, where many rivers start from. The whole area, especially the Old Plains, is located generally on a lower level than the surrounding Forest. As a result, many small rivers flow through the Great Plains to Krisna, providing its inhabitants with fresh water and fish.

Natural Resources

Great Plains are rich with both food and wood, being the ideal place for humans to live on. There are also a considerable amount of ore deposits, mostly iron and copper. However, there is little to no rare resources here, as orcs and humans have already used most of them.
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Aug 6, 2018 00:19 by Johann Duarte

That quote got me xD Good job with your article, I can only think about plains now.

Aug 6, 2018 19:46

Thanks! It was actually the hardest part of conquering the Plains for some human regiments, having to march in armor under the sun across all Plains :D