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Pangolin Scales

Scale armour made from the pangolin scales was extremely popular among civilized humans in ninth century AE. A sign of high status, it has led to the near-complete extinction of their entire race. Big populations of pangolins remained only in the Duchy of Keshye of which they became a symbol. Nowadays, only the scales from the dead pangolins are still being used as a material.

History & Usage


Pangolins have lived on the Great Plains for a very long period of time. However, after the human invasion of the Great Plains the pangolins' scales became a popular good, used as the material for nobles' scale armour. In a few years, almost all of the pangolins were killed for their scales. However, after the scale armour has proved inefficient against some of the races living in the Endless Forest, the fashion eventually came to its end.


The process of creating armour from pangolin scales is a very tricky one, and few blacksmiths could say that they have mastered it. The scales are hard and thus hard to pierce by conventional methods without damaging their internal structure. Therefore, the holes for the laces are most easily and commonly done with magic. Despite those complications, the traditional craft involving pangolin scales, developed in the Duchy of Keshye, seems to have found a way to work around the problem.

Manufacturing & Products

Pangolin scales are very hard and sharp, and their form and placement on the animal resemble naturally that of the armour used by humans during their invasion. As such, they were used as a cheap and easily obtainable alternative to the armour scales forged from iron.
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