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Civilised humans

The humans have been in Prethoria for more than a thousand years, but most other races perceive them as a rather young race. It is a common thing to hear "They're just young and naive" from races younger than humans as an answer as to why humans are so aggressive, and that has the truth in it as well. This controversial situation happened because while the humans have indeed first appeared on the West of the Krisna , and currently many of them live here as well, it has not been so for the whole of their history.  


The civilised humans, as they now call themselves, are the descendants of those humans who have crossed the West of the Krisna. They were forced to do so after being driven away by the wood elves of the Endless Forest and, a few months later, grey orc tribes of the Great Plains. Most of the humans died in battles, during the journey or trying to cross the deadly river, but those who survived found fertile soil on the East of the Krisna.   However, many people did not trust the newly found lands, associating them with the Great Plains. While the majority of the humans did start building a new settlement soon enough, many people would still leave at night and try to swim down the Krisna in their rafts or just ran away in search of a forest that was still far more familiar to them. The former ones mostly went missing or crashed not far away, but the latter ones have found vast lands and no other races to be afraid of. The humans started to settle those lands.   Their numbers increased, and the story of internal war repeated itself once again, but this time there was no external threat. Eight centuries later, the entire race finally unified under the rule of one strong leader, Emperor Jaymond the Wise, that conquered the rest of the Five Great Kingdoms. A newly found Human Empire turned its eyes to the other side of the Krisna.   846 years after first crossing Krisna, the humans crossed it once again, but this time with a big, well equipped and trained army. With it, a lot of poor people were coming seeking wealth and land, and many nobles sent their men to the Expeditionary Army , hoping to earn good favours with the emperor and get positions on those newly conquered lands.   The nomadic grey orcs proved unable to stop the human heavy infantry supported by highly educated and trained mages, let alone defeat it. The Great Plains fell in less than a month, in which the humans cleansed their newly conquered territory with fire and steel. For five more years they have been establishing the order and actively cutting down the forest around, expanding their territory.   The human invasion of the Great Plains caused a major war between the Human Empire and most of the races of the Endless Forest called the War in the Forest. Even some of the tribes of the wild humans, descendants of those who kept living in the Endless Forest when the rest of the humans fleed it, have been fighting on both sides in this war. Five years later, the human emperor died, and their empire has collapsed.   The provinces of conquered Great Plains declared independence as well, forming numerous small realms that started to battle each other. The inner struggle undermined the ability of humans to invade deep into the Endless Forest. Five years later, the war ended, and the humans became fully busy killing each other and consolidating in several dozens of small countries which are now, 95 years after the end of the war, known as the Free Duchies.   Without the unified empire, the means of crossing the Krisna were no more, or at least it was believed so now. Even if there was someone who could organize a crossing of the river like it was done in the glorious days of the empire, what gain would it be for them? Nowadays, most of the people living in the Free Duchies, a collective name for the human realms of the Great Plains, perceive the lands across the river as belonging to some other world.
Species | Apr 10, 2020

A relatively young and numerous race, whose aggressive expansion have put the known world on the edge of another grand war

Human invasion of the Great Plains
Military Conflict | Apr 9, 2020

A short and unexpected war, resulting in a total victory for humans over the grey orc tribes of Great Plains

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