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LeBron's adventures

LeBron's adventures is actually a collective name for countless little stories that most of the human mothers tell their children. They are all united by the protagonist named LeBron, a mythical human said to outplay Kimentar, god of gambling and chance, himself.


There are two different ways of telling those stories in human culture. First of them starts with a story about LeBron and Kimentar. Even this first story differs a lot among all people, but it is usually about LeBron, a young, cunning man who lives a travelling life, meeting a mysterious man that he plays dice with.   During the game, LeBron recognises the bone dice in the hand of the man, indicating that he is a member of the Listeners of Kimentar, a mysterious criminal society. During the conversation, LeBron manages to outwit his opponent and understands that the man he plays with is no ordinary Listener but Kimentar himself.   LeBron shows no awareness and offers the god to play riddles. The man quickly guesses his puzzles while LeBron seems to struggle every time and only answers by chance or in last moment. Finally, a conceited god asks LeBron to guess his name, promising to fulfil any request if he gives a right answer, and the latter shouts out: "Kimentar!". The shocked god grants LeBron his wish, which is said to be some kind of immortality.   From this moment, LeBron starts to get into all kinds of adventures, often because of the problems plotted by the vindictive god. Yet, he always manages to overcome everything, usually by his wits and lucky chance. From this point on, the second part of LeBron's adventures begins, where he does all sorts of stuff, and every mother tells her children different stories. Basically, most of the adventurous stories for children have LeBron as their hero. Some mothers even tell them without the first part with LeBron being just a cunning guy travelling and adventuring across the lands.

Historical Basis

Most people perceive LeBron as being just a myth, a fairy tale. Yet, some historians claim that he was a historical figure that has little to do with the content of those tales. One of their main arguments is an old looking diary in which a similarly named man writes about his travels. He brags a lot about his successes with women and money, how he discovered the hidden secrets and triumphed over the rich and powerful men, all while praising himself.   Some of those stories resemble those from the most common LeBron fairy tales, and one of the earlier notes describes meeting the god in a tavern though there is nothing said about either the bet or his wish. Most people believe that this diary is just a fake written after LeBron became a hero of those fairy tales or, in some cases, that it was written by someone who was a witness of LeBron's talk with Kimentar and just claimed to be him.
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