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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
What’s the most famous fairy tale or children’s story in your world?
A total of 155 entries

The Tale of Mori (short version)

The City, A story from the Realm of Pi

The mith about the farmer and the Lagil

Damien and Morgana - A tale of love

The Tale of Natu and Her Children (R)(I)

The Tale of the Blue Mother

Benthimus and the Birth of the World

The Grey Friar- "A Tragedy, a Tale, and "Bobbies".

Harry and the Magical Rabbit

The Four Trials of Belle

The Remarkable Adventures of Varenda The Salty

The Adventures of Miss. Walts

La llegenda d'en Mouai

The Legend of the Akane Hayate

The Curse of the Great Silence

Little Angelo and the Founder

Tale of the Three Brothers and the seven Minotaurs

The Stories of Fionn eä Vanwi

The Separation of Lynur and Ytoniel

The trickster siblings of Firtinasi

The Creation and Destruction of Felialma

Norasj the Slayer, Chosen of Enrasj

The Naming of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi

Blue Eyes and the Elara

Melas, der Eisdrache aus dem Frostforst