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The Adventures of Miss. Walts

The Adventures of Miss. Walts is a series of short stories and poems about Miss. Walts and her time in The Dreamscape. These are usually easy reads for story telling for large groups.   Miss. Walts is an older lady from her descriptions with a dark red dress with a magic sliver wand to "make the evil disappear".


The series of stories do not interconnect. Sometimes the story has Miss. Walts as a character while other times it's about characters she has already met. Each one teaches some sort of lesson for children. The themes vary greatly from each story, but generally Miss. Walts takes the form of what the reader would do as "an outsider looking in".

Historical Basis

These are all fictional stories with not basis in reality, form our knowledge.

Cultural Reception

This book introduced creatures of mythical in nature such as Unicorn, Seamster, and Scions. In the eyes of children, the world becomes a bit more magical. Which is good thing, in a world of spells and magic. The world is built around magic and this book is usually the first introduction to magic.   Miss. Walts has become a mystical person who can suddenly save the day. It's translated into children wishing that she would come and take them away into a world of mischief or fun from their boring life.   This book is embedded into childhood in many of children of the Imperium.

I loved this book when I was younger. I was very lucky to have one due to their limited production, so I donated mine to the Archives since we have more use for it here then on my shelf.
— Archivist Renna
Date of First Recording
2686 S
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