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Scions are people with the ability to transform into powerful mythical creatures. Their normal form resembles a normal human or elf. Their true form can take the appearance and power of either a dragon, gryphon, kitsune, phoenix, or a naga. They can flip between them if they have a focus, otherwise they are trapped in that form. If they stay too long in their true form, they will lose their ability to be rational and slowly become insane. By this point their body will force them into their normal form which will induce a coma. Usually they will die shortly after.  

Types of Scion

  Draconis have the ability to transform into a dragon. In their true form they can cast any sort of life magic they wish. Their scales allow them to reflect spells with ease and allow them to cast them from any point on their body such as their tail. They can either have Solar or Lunar affinity.   Gryphor have the ability to transform into a griffon. Their solar magic is unquestionably powerful. Their roar can inspire any soul and scare the most fearless enemies. They are exclusively solar affinity.   Phoena have the ability to transform into a phoenix. They are powerful spell casters in their true form. Life magic is the center of their power and such the core being of their power. As well they can be either solar or lunar affinity and with that their powers change. Solar affinity Phoena can resurrect the recently dead, but they themselves will lose their power. Lunar affinity Phoena can kill anyone they touch but will also lose their own power. Once lost they become a normal human.   Kitsa have the ability to transform into a kitsune. These Lunar affinity spell-casters and great illusionists. They can create life like illusions that as longs as they are within their power's range can act on their own. It is also possible for them to turn into any form they desire within their power's limits.   Naganais have the ability to transform into a naga. Naga's Elemental magics are broken into four realms. The main two of fire and water and the harder taught lighting and earth magics. They can control the elemental they are attuned with as long as it's within their power's limits. They can either be solar or lunar affinity.

Basic Information


They appear as humans and as they grow in age slowly begin to look more and more elvish.   Draconis eye color can vary to any color on the spectrum which determines their type of dragon species their true form resembles. Typical colors are a sliver, gold, red, green, etc.   Gryphor eye color is usually gold. While in their normal form, when they fall from great heights, they can control the speed at which they fall.   Phoena hair color reflects the flames they burn in their true form. Their hair color is exclusively ruby, sapphire, emerald, or gold.   Kitsa eye color is silver. They can shift their appearance to anything they want in their normal form, but most always retain at least one fox tail. Touching it will force them into their true normal form.   Naganais eye color has the look of water splashing, fire burning, rocks crumbling, lighting crackling. This determines their connection to the elements.

Genetics and Reproduction

Though they may appear as elves and humans, they are not compatible, but they reproduce the same way in either their normal or true form.   For two scions to have a child, they must mate in their true form. The resulting pregnancy will bear a female one child. The pregnancy will last for about two years and end with a live birth in their normal form.   The newborn's true form can be any of the five as long as they meet the affinity qualification. It does not inherit its form from its parents.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While normal food is a necessity, they need another source of energy, raw magic. In many groves or glades in the world there is a source of pure raw magic that is released. They can go there to draw from it to "feed". They need to do this about once every few years to remain healthy.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Above all scions are very traditional. About 9/10 scions will follow the Scion's Circle without question. They are the sole authority among them. The rest are considered equals with no other having power over the other. While the different forms might say otherwise, the general consensus is equality.

Average Intelligence

Age brings knowledge. This is true to the scions. Mentally, they are that of humans or elves, but they don't live long enough to really extend what we have learned. Scion's have this luxury and thus in their old age, they have fonts of wisdom and knowledge making them the most intelligent out of them all. On the Glenhook Scale: 8/10

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are as old as time, so their original naming conventions have been lost. They usually take a name based upon the region they grew up in. Generally scholars believe it used to follow the naming traditions of their true form.

Major Organizations

Beauty Ideals

Scions are extremely picky with what they consider beautiful. Each one has their own unique taste that is built around the places they have seen. Due to their migratory habits there is no set preference for the race.

Courtship Ideals

It is difficult for scions to get into romantic relationships. They can live for over 1000 years so unless they find another scion to court, the relationship won't last. Even elves who live for about 500 years are not a good match due to the different process of aging and change.   Otherwise they are courted very similar to humans. Scion's are people just like everyone else and in that way like the same things... The main difference is they take things very slowly. Sometimes decisions made in a week by a human would be made by a scion in a month or two. This would cause frustration to all kinds other than the scions themselves.  

Marriage Rituals

  Marriage is extremely important to scion due to the commitment many put into the decision. Generally, scions take up a year of thought towards marriage to actually feel comfortable with such a decision. In a marriage between two scions their rites are brought together, and the marriage process takes years for it's finalized. The Ceremony of Scions is name of the ceremony held to bring the two together. One friend gives them each a piece of silk to remember the moment with their Memory Cloth. Here are some of the required rites each scion tends to want during their ceremony.     Draconis : The ceremony must be large and exciting. Nothing boring.   Gryphor: It must be during the day and a very formal occasion with only family members allowed.   Phoena : It's a very intimate moment for them, so a smaller generally slow-going event is preferred.   Kitsa: They like theirs at night and is more casual experience.   Naganais: They want their ceremony outdoors around the element associated with them. Also, a lot of flowers.   Otherwise their ceremony tends to look like a party. Food and drink are in abundance with plenty of company. When the party is over then elder scion will bring their union together in love.    

Interspecies Relationships with Marriage

  Scions are a very reliable species. Due to their long life, they can understand many different cultures easily and are generally very worldly people. Some relationships due occur mostly between humans and elves. When this does occur, scions tend to take control over the marriage. They are very traditional with marriage since it's a very long decision. The above preferences are strictly followed and some of the traditions of their partner's culture is observed but only when approved. they tend to appear very strict.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their age allows them to learn multiple languages with ease which is uncommon among the sentient races. However, their native languages Ancient Tongue, made from various other dead languages spoken by dragons and fey alike.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

See ORIGIN / ANCESTRY section for each of the five's customs.   Each kind of scion buries their dead differently, but they do have similar rites. The funeral starts when people close to the dead hold what is called Ceremony of Memories. There is generally about three to five people here to recall the history of their fallen friend. This will last until they believe they have retold all of their history among them. When completed, they gather the precious items and things to spread around them during the final part of the ritual as well as sewing together their Memory Cloth.   The next part of the ritual is the more public viewing, with more minor friends and family are allowed to view the body. At this point the body, would have been wrapped up expect their face in soft silk of their Memory Cloth. Then the precious items are placed by these minor friends around them.

Funeral Rites

  Draconis : Candles are then lit around them for the rest of the day. When the candles finally burn away the final rite begins.   Gryphor: Anyone with Solar Affinity then lights one finger with light for as long as they can to represent their lost friend's life or a candle if they can't. When the last one goes out the final rite.   Phoena : The final rite begins now and thee body is set aflame and is reduced to ash.   Kitsa: During the final rite, everyone wears a mask that represents themselves.   Naganais: Their attuned element is spread across their body. Once done, the final rite can begin.   During the fail rite, a scion elder of the community will start the rite by blessing the body with his or her magic. Once competed the body is set aflame and burn brightly raw magic until the body is gone.


The Times of Crisis

  While we do not have evidence of when the scions were created, we do know that they were not created naturally. Were they once mighty creatures cursed to live in such frail bodies? Was it a pact between man and mythical beast? Whatever the theory, they did rise about 400 to 500 years before the Crisis was finally averted. During this time frame, we have very little history to work with. We can deduce a few things though.   The scions were treated as abominations during their early years. Many were hunted as prized game by many. They were depicted as the villains that needed to be slayed. We believe the population was actually much smaller than their current population today because of this. However, it wouldn't be till the Scion's Circle was founded. The circle was created to put an end to that crisis. With the scions leading the charge, the Crisis was defeated, and an era of prosperity ignited the world. However, not for the scions.  

Leading the World

  Scions became sought after as advisors, guides, protectors, and teachers. From once villainized people to heroes changed completely. As the world was rebuilt, the scions were instrumental in changing the world. For good or for ill, they were influential in all aspects of society.   The scions themselves were unsure about how to proceed after the crisis. The Scion's Circle was almost all but disbanded and without any new leadership, many went to find a way to discover themselves. This would lead to the first conflict that the scions created, The War of Despair. The Embrace lead by Dantus a scion of great evil. He lead his followers on a crusade to consolidate the power pushed away by the circle. His actions lead to many innocent deaths that were too numerous to count. The circle themselves could not defeat them alone. They enlisted several people to combat The Embrace and were named The Union of Pellamulara. Together they defeated The Embrace and brought peace once again to the land. While the time of heroics that the scions had forged were quickly forgotten and suspicion reined once again.   The Scion's Circle however was still honored. For years, the circle would assist the other races as they began to find their footing in the world. The scions themselves would dwindle. Without a concerted effort in protecting their way of life, it has nearly all but died out. It's estimated that the scions will officially fall by 5th Millennium.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They are considered monsters by many cultures and as such are outcasts there. The Imperium is surprisingly friendly to them and as such, they have the highest population in the the world. The scions themselves find the other races as weak, but strong in their own way.   They are loyal friends and companions to many of the races, but not all. The races find them likable and friendly. While they seem charismatic, it's more of a natural bond then anything.


  Human - They will inherit world just like we did, even though they lack the wisdom they should. It is up to us to ensure they are ready.   Wolvan - Creatures that have built their empire on the ruins of others. Such arrogance believing that they have an equal right to our help, our guidance. They are foolish to believe otherwise.   Narigita - They are unworthy of any sort of help. They resemble the old times which should, not be repeated.  


  Dwarf - Their isolation from the world is special. They will need help in understanding the relationship between other races. They are also fun to be around.   Orc - As races rise and fall, they have adapted. The world will need them even if the world disagrees.   Griffirca - Flight, something was only barely achieved by the Aravitourus in their prime. I hope their ingenuity doesn't lead to their downfall.  


  Fexian - A shame, a waste of great potential. If only we could see what they would have become.   Otterun - They are fighting to hard to keep what they have. Commendable, but leave the world to the people who have a chance.   Lormoors - There is something off about them. Something that is familiar.   Melfloor - Such magic is dangerous to create living rocks. They are a mistake that should be corrected or a calculated decision. We will have to wait and see.
"The constant fight between man and mythical beast."
— Archivist Renna
Scientific Name
Multa Sapientes Figura
+1000 years
Average Height
Males: 5'10 - 6'2"   Females: 5'8 - 5'11"
Average Weight
140 lbs
Average Physique
While in their normal form, they are considered about average on the Glenhook Scale with a 4.5/10.
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