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These creatures are something like no other creature in the world. They are living rocks with embedded magic inside them. While they are rocks, they still thing and feel like everyone else. They were first sighted after the Crisis of 898. From the earth below they came and tried to warn the Imperium holdings of Ethonia, but were disregarded as monsters from the unknown. This was incorrect and many lives were costed because of that. Now they work hand in hand with the local governments.

Basic Information


They are entirely made of stone. Inside they have a crystalline core that is filled with magic. Surrounding the core as the main body could be any known mineral. The most common parts would be marble, stone, dirt, amber, and onyx.   Their figure is generally humanoid, but very rough and could easily blend into the landscape without an issue.

Genetics and Reproduction

They don't reproduce the same way as the other races. The population start building the crystalline cores until it is a perfect sphere. Once competed it's embedded inside a formation of minerals and sits for a month before it comes to life as a new being.   When they die their core become dormant until a surge of magic reinvigorates it. If this happens, they place it in another foramtin and the old Melfloor comes to life.

Ecology and Habitats

Any location that that has dirt and minerals. Water causes their bodies to fall part of they tend to stay in dry climates.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Cores can be used as magical focuses if fractured. The time an effort to produce make them one of the finest focuses money can buy.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Imperium has no established a naming tradition in their language. It's believed that Melfloor can identify individuals in a different way then sight and as a result, don't need verbal names.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

This sadly can't be recorded. They interact mostly though magic and their minds. As a result it's impossible to convert into ink and quill.   Visually their bodies touch to communicate deep and long conversations. In many structures of the Melfloor there is nothing notable. They are empty only to allow their people to move and rest to regenerate.


The Crisis of 3398

  While most of the information around this event is classified, the Melfoor are some of the few things that is common knowledge. They were created during the event in Tyra from then on they have built some of their own underground towns as well as joining the world peoples. However this is all that we can authorize you to have at the moment. If you schedule a meeting with Head Archivist Octavian, he might give you access under the right circumstances.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They have no preference to the other races. We believe their concept of interspecies relations are different than ours. Further study is needed.
An interesting set of creatures. They are surely living, but quite differ from how you and I live. Further study is needed about them.
— Archivist Glenhook
Scientific Name
Homo petram sapiens
50 years per coring
Average Height
4'0" - 8'11"
Average Weight
50 lbs - 500 lbs

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