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Narigita a race of snake creatures from the deserts of Lor-Ta. They are consider a primary race according to Imperium research.

Basic Information


These snake like creatures with a snake like body, arms, and a reptilian head. They are endotherms and need external warmth to keep themselves alive. They are very powerful and within seconds can constrict and crush their opponents to death. However their small arms are weaker than most races on the continent.

Genetics and Reproduction

Females can produce about a clutch of the eggs after they are fertilized by a male. The clutch remains inside the female for a three months when she lays them in a nest in the ground 5 feet deep. Afterwards it takes about two months of the eggs to hatch. The hatched narigitas must dig their way out without food or water. This results in their offspring killing each other until about two to three remain.

Growth Rate & Stages

Their growth rate is that similar to humans. It takes about 20 years to develop into full adults. They age slower and a typical elderly narigita is around the age or 80.

Ecology and Habitats

While they prefer a warm and dry environment, they can live in other climates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are strictly carnivores

Additional Information

Social Structure

The narigita are broken up into three distinct castes of society.

The Pures

  These narigita are the nobility of society whose blood is pure and strong. From careful selective breeding, they are a step above the others mentally and physically. With these physical advantages, their people treat them as betters. They were originally hand crafted by the elves to be their bodyguards before they revolted.  

The Plebs

  This portion of the narigita population is the largest. They are considered the original people before their cultivation of their blood. However, do not underestimate their strength.  

The Por-Los

  These are considered all the other creatures of the world. The narigita are the above all other creatures.

Average Intelligence

They are not as smart as the other races, but that doesn't mean they're unintelligent. They rank a 3/10 on the Glenhook Scale.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

With the usual hearing and sight, they also have the ability of infrared vision which they can swtich between.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Their names were broken up into two parts similar to human culture. They have a first name and a last name which are given at the age of ten. Before the age of ten their name is last name -born the ____.   For example: In the family of Rami. The second bron would receive the name of Ramiborn the 2nd.   Upon the age after, they choose their own name form a list of their ancestors five generations back. Once chosen their name is permanent.   Here are some examples:   Male: Irsu Pawero, Sebni Bek, Ahmose Kiya.   Female: Miai Rai, Baketamon Werenro, Joba Bek.

Major Organizations

Beauty Ideals


  Males want an appearance of strength. Now this does not have to apply in the physical sense. Appearing as a war veteran or a seasoned fighter are common. Others wear their wealth or even scrolls and tomes. Whatever the case, it must be backed up.   They also do not like to show off their chests. It's a sign of weakness to expose such an area.  


  They generally like to be colorful and bright. They want to be noticed by either sex, so wearing clothes that may draw their eyes is preferred. This tends to be humorous to many cultures (including our own) with designs such as giant red polka-dots on white fabric as a popular design.   Another common technique would be to grease one's scales to produce a shine. While their scales naturally produce a shine, they sometimes artificially add polish to brighten it more. This would be akin to human culture's use of makeup.

Gender Ideals


  Males are to provide stability to their family usually through monetary gains. However this could also mean to be the parent to raise their newly hatched clutch. In all scenarios, the male must make sure the family is comfortable. It is also the males duty to find their mates and begin families.  


  Females job is to bring frame to their family. It could be through the arts, science, magic, business, or even housework. They are the face of their family and the main one to shape it.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is a concept not understood in the traditional sense by the narigita. Love is a strange concept that many of them do not feel. Our research indicates that only Pures have a 33% chance to feel such a feeling. (Note: This doesn't not mean they can't have compassion) They choose their mates based on careful calculated decisions in order to rise tier social status in the community. If both narigita believe such a union is worthy than a bond is formed through reproduction.

Relationship Ideals

Each narigita has a job in thier relationship. As long as they other competes it, then their relationship will remain strong. Our research even suggests that some can learn to love their partner with about a 28%.   If one partner fails their job such as stability, there is not hard feelings. The other will do their best to help their partner. It was their choice to their partner which makes it both of their problems.

Common Etiquette Rules

Narigita to narigita greet each other by embracement of each other. For more built relationship greetings, tail coiling between partners is common.   For Narigita to others, greet with a bow, the Narigita will either nod or bow with you depending on their respect towards you.   For goodbyes, saying the phrase "Plauss-se" or "Pleasure Soon" is common practice for either a Narigita or other. However, do so only when you know the other. Instead say, "Plauss-so" or "Pleasure Gone".

Common Dress Code

Due to the heat of day and cold of nights, they wear clothes that can be changed with ease such as robes or sashes. Cloth that can be wrapped around instead of how cloths are typically wore by the other races.

Culture and Cultural Heritage


  Murals have originated in many cultures around the world since the dawn of time. Narigita, however, made it an art form. While narigitan architecture have very dull exteriors, their interiors are filled with amazing murals painted by the artisans. All narigita homes are decorated with such murals in their homes to symbolize their values, history, and beliefs.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

The Mas’Qorgce

  A famous party hosted by the Maserass, that involved killing the other guests.  


  A coming of age party at the age of ten. They receive their full names and a custom made dagger to reflect their interests.  


  A ceremony made by a cult which now permeates into main pool of culture. We do not have any records of what occurs during them. We only know that Narigita consume sapien creatures. It's an extremely feral tradition that has been banned by the Imperium.

Common Taboos

Breaking any of the following examples are considered a taboo that can result in either imprisonment or exile.  
  • Gender ideals are cultural law.
  • Males producing a fake appearance.


Elf Subjugation

  Before their rise into civilized life, they were feral and deadly. It wasn't it their accession assisted by the nearby elves that their story among the people of the continent began. At first, they were trained to be warriors for the elven empires of old to fight and quell the human rebellions across the land. For a time, it worked. These perfect body guards and soldiers, expelled and were a key part in ending of the Qorkarian Revolts. Their natural ability to understand their opponents lead them far during the conflict.   However, once the revolt was quelled. Their need great diminished and thus put many narigita out of work. The elves had to put many to death to limit their numbers in order to retain a sustainable amount to protect their cities. However, this did not go unnoticed by the others. It wasn't long before they had organized in secret, waiting for the perfect change to take the cities which they believed were rightly theirs.   When another round of revolts began to arise, the narigita were called upon once again to end the new threat. They breed another army ready to deal with this sudden turn of events. However, they had other plans. At the first, they joined the rebels and cities fell across the land with only the elven strongholds holding out. This, of course, was all part of their plan. Records indicate that as soon as the elven opposition as defeated, they turned on their rebel allies and took direct control over the city. The country was in mass chaos, three factions all fought for power, but this was expected. As long as the Orc tribes stay northward, then their victory would be assured.   Battles raged and the first governments began to form, the Nar-Ta Empire created by the narigita, The Swiferian League, and the old elven empire. The cities fell to either of these factions until borders were drawn. The narigita were now truly free.  

Nar-Ta Empire

  Battles raged against the elven homeland for years as they hoped to take their birthright. This was a fool's errand however. The deserts were a perfect natural barrier to prevent any sort of large scale invasion to the elf homeland. Thus, they proceeded to look inward. Any and all creatures not narigita were enslaved. This didn't work for long and within the year, they abolished that law. Instead humans, aravitourus, and scions were granted residency. Any elf or orc populations would be enslaved. While the narigita were united as a people, it wouldn't be long before they turned on one another.   Around the age referred to as the Blessing of Aulus a new war began. A war between the many and now wealthy families. A democratic system wasn't good enough for them. This political strife lasted for years until one victor emerged, the Rami family. They established the government that has lasted to this day with the Sor-Ta Empire. The Maserass was a monarchy that was exclusively a matriarchy. Under their queen were the other families who lost their spot for the crown. The narigita were once again united and stronger than ever for now.  

Imperium Subjugation

  As the elf and orc populations dwindled, they needed a new source of manual labor that could wield magic with ease. Around this time, the fexians were growing at a rate that could develop into their own civilization. This could not be allowed to happen. The narigita struck hard and fast and enslaved them all in six years. This new labour source was generally submissive due to their weak physical frames and were perfect for the narigita's needs. However, their natural talent for magic and other surprise benefits was a boon. They became the sole labour force in the empire and the narigita's global power began to rival that of the Aulus Imperium.   It was destined for the two to fight, but the Imperium was smart. They brought the fight to the narigita. With the human's slight magic advantage, they invaded through a portal and began to decimate all narigita resistance. The narigita's tactics involved surprise with a swift attack, but the Imperium was ready for any tactic they used.   The war ended with the country renamed to the Sor-Ta Empire and slavery abolished. Narigita became normal class citizens under the Imperium's rule as a primary race due to their influence in the southern part of the continent. They now hope to retake their birthright as rulers of the world.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

This is the most unpleasant part of narigita culture which if Glenhook caught me saying would   Narigita's believe they are top of the food chain as they were taught by the elves long ago this has carried to be bio-phobes. While we typically split this section into primary, secondary, and tertiary, they do not see the world the same as we done and as such lumb everyone together.   Generally we are either unexploited source of labor or food. While relations have been better, most narigita see us as lesser beings that want what they have, their "birthright". Such ideas are foolish, but they are generally afraid that if unchecked, the elf tyranny will return to force them into labor. The best way to stop it is to prevent it from happening.   Fexians have the worst of it. They have been ingrained into narigita culture through their servitude for years. Sadly, a cult was built around them that practiced consumption of sapien creatures. Of course this was banned by the Imperium.
Nasty snakes I mean they have provided a great benefit to the Imperium. I can't fault them for that, but I don't like them.
— Archivist Renn
Forgotten Evils
by BenWootten
Scientific Name
Venena Anguis Sapiens
110 years
Average Height
Males: 4'8" - 5'2"   Females: 4'6" - 5'0"
Average Weight
160 lbs
Average Length
Males: 8'8" - 10'2"   Females: 8'6" - 10'0"
Average Physique
Glenhook Scale: 7/10.

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Cover image: by BenWootten


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