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Sor-Ta Empire


The structure is similar to the Imperium. A sole ruler runs the government, but is exclusive narigita population. High governmental positions are exclusive to that race and thus is highly ridged and structured. The ruler or Sadu-Par chooses six Caye-Fou to manage and enforce the laws the ruler dictates. The Caye-Fou can freely chose how they run their assigned jobs, but usually very racially exclusive.

Public Agenda

They have been the most vocal on secession from the Imperium at the first chance they get compared to the nations. This has been due to the enforced racial equality, heavy tariffs, and forced labor on the population. However the Imperium provides many luxuries and thus in order to maintain the original narigita culture.


Access to many rare luxury resources, powerful narigita warriors, most established cities in the Great Gao Desert.


The empire was originally founded by the narigita population as they conquered and enslaved the fexain populations for food, magic, and labor. With the exploitation of their magic, they became the greastest adversary the Imperium would ever face. Of course when the Imperium marched from the north and sailed from the East the empire was able to withstand the numbers the Imperium brought from the East. The empire fell and was reestablish as the Sor-Ta Empire as a puppet to the Imperium.   Now they hope to free themselves from the Imperium rule, but that would be a foolish thought as long as the city of Aulus still stands.
This was one of the most difficult conquests the Imperium ever faced. I'm not surprised, their attainment with magic is a sight to behold, but nothing can really stand against Imperium strength and tactics
— Archivist Renna.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations

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