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Nasih Mi

The Court Arcanist Nasih Mi

Nasih Mi is the bodyguard to the Maserass and one of the few people who can be called an arcanist.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He somewhat thin compared to others of his kind. When he walks, he is always composed and rarely showing emotion though his steps.

Special abilities

Eclipsed Affinity

Specialized Equipment

He is able to use the three types of magic and even both each counter part other than necromancy. This makes him an arcanist.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nasih was born into indentured servitude with is parent's working on a plantation in the core region of the Sor-Ta Empire. He had two other siblings, but they died in a terrible accident. When he reached the the age of ten he was brought into servitude on the plantation in order to bring more money. His mother fell ill and prevent any sort of income carrying for their family leaving only him and his father to make a meager living. His father was formally a traveling wizard before the force conscription into the farms. He taught him everything he new and Naish had a knack for it. He worked for about two years until he changed his life forever. The Maserass and her daughter, the soon to be Maserass, visited the plantations as they failed to meet the empire's needs. While the touring was taking place, a rival from another house sough to assassinate the Maserass along with her heir.The rival house planned to collapse a stone warehouse on top of them both with the many workers including his mother inside. An accident that would likely not be connected to them. It worked, but only slightly. Nasih was present during that attack and was not about to let his fellow workers down. He rushed into the warehouse and summoned a magic barrier in an act of heroism, but as a result he also saved the heir, his mother, and a few others. Many other people died included their boss and the Maserass. However he saved the heir, who vowed to repay the favor to him. In the coming days and internal war brew and in fighting began between the houses. The Imperium had to come in to support the current house in power, the girl he saved.   After about a week of fighting, she came to him in the dead of night and offered to pay out his families' contact if he would sign another to be her personal body guard. Without a stable income, he accepted with the condition that she would cover their living expenses. She, as reported, smiled with greed and hearty accepted.   Within the week he was assigned under the court Wizard Armand who began to further his studies of the Arcane and Celestial Arts. It wasn't long before he reached his potential in those and began studying the art of the elemental dance becoming a force to be reckoned with when next to the Maserass.   In the coming years, he surpassed his mentor and became the the Court Arcanist and now lives with his family while also doing the biding of the Maserass.


While having no official education, he was taught by his father and his mentor the basics of magic, while he studied the advanced techniques on his own.


He works for the Sor-Ta royal family as their arcanist. He specializes in research and development of magical based designs and concepts.


Contacts & Relations

He is quite a prominent figure within the Arcanist's Guild. While not a leader, he does have some weight among them.

Family Ties

Upon working for the Maserass, he rarely if ever sees his family. She has kept them far from his in hopes to keep him on her leash.

Religious Views

He is a devote Solar Disciple. When not working on various assignments or research, he helps the local clergy with simple favors.


Nasih Mi

Mentor (Trivial)

Towards Morris Dorin



Morris Dorin

Student (Important)

Towards Nasih Mi




Eventually the Maserass recommend that he take on a studnet. After many trials and tests, Morrin was the sole victor and as such began his student.

Nicknames & Petnames

Morrin when speaking to him alone will call him Nas.

Salsaranna Rami

Boss (Vital)

Towards Nasih Mi



Nasih Mi

Bodyguard (Vital)

Towards Salsaranna Rami




Ever since Nasih saved her life, she has always been obsessed with him.

Wealth & Financial state

As acting body guard to the Maserass, he receives whatever his heart desires and lives in the palace of the Maserass.
We have worked with him on many occasions. He's a brilliant man.
— Archivist Renna
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Court Arcanist
Year of Birth
3439 S 27 Years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
120 lbs
Aligned Organization

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