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Lor-Ta is hot and dry part of the world that has the lowest population density out of all the regions on the continent. The area is filled with deserts and river deltas along the coast. It has also become one of the most dangerous places on the continent.


The region is very arid with little precipitation. Sand dunes are a common place among the majority of the area and even along the coast, but the more inland areas can get cold at night. The temperature is typically, hot, but doesn't vary as much due to the proximity of the ocean. However, there are small oases scattered across the region. These are sparse, but valuable to any traveler. The elevation is consistent with no dramatic changes in elevation.

Fauna & Flora


  Bones of undead dragons lie scattered across the sand dunes. While most lie still, but some will rise from the grave to devour the souls of the living. Immune to all types of attacks, its best to flee from just the sight of dragon bones due to their history of not only killing it's trespassers, but also the surrounding communities. Only powerful life magic can truly bring down these beasts.  

Diamond Fruit

  These fruits are hidden beneath oases across the region. When you find an oasis, go to the center of the water. If there is a plant their it will grab on to your leg with its kelp like leaves. Simply pull your leg up to reveal the fruit. Its tastes that of an orange and pineapple mixed together. The outer skin is a bright white or grey.  

Sand Hounds

  Large canine creature made of sand alone live in packs in the deepest parts of the desert. While they do not trend near civilization often, they have been known to attack farmers and travels as they hunt. They eat decaying creatures to absorb the death magic resonating off the body. The magic they consume is crystalized in the center of their bodies into a pearl.
This is quite a different section of the world. I've visited a few times when I have to do some linguistic teaching there and it was a very different world almost. Water is a resource above all else and it certainly determines urban life.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
Desert Coast
Related Myths


  Beauty: Pretty 3 / 5   Resources: Little Value 2 / 5   Danger: Extremely Dangerous 5 / 5

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