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The Little Stargazer

An anthology of short tales have been collected over the centuries and compiled into one book. Stories from cultures all around the continent were gathered by our own archivists and published by the Imperium Archives. It took a few years to finish the translations but it's in several languages for your pleasure.  

Examples from the story List:

  The White Boar: A story form the region of Lothna, it tells the story of a young boy who meets a large white boar in the woods. The boar gives the child advice, but it always ends poorly. When the boy confront the boar, the boar asks why he ever listened to him in the first place. As a result the boy ties to kill the boar, but he is killed instead.   The Last Dragon: This story is from the region of Lor-Ta and is about a powerful sorceress. She desires great power to take revenge on an evil king. In order to kill, him she hunts and kills five dragon to collect their power, the last five in the world. When she tries to use their souls for evil, they turn against her turning her into a dragon. Now she is hunted by people just like her who desire great power.   The Last Trail: This story is form the area of The Carawand Marshes. It is about a knight who is hunted a monster. He was once noble and kind, but lost his path literally and figuratively. The worse he acts, the worse get until he became the very thing he was hunting. When he finds the beast, he laughs at what the knight had become and turns into himself into the knight. It ends with the monster killing the newly creating one.

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