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This land is quite flat and home to many farms and rolling hills. The central plains are extremely peaceful place to live while the northern reaches tend to get more dangerous as you go north. The Imperium controls the majority of this region expect a small part of the west.   People typically refer to Fairley as the central plains area, but it does extend northward due to the cultural significance for the people of both regions.


A dry mediterranean climate regime. The low elevation gives a moderate climate, but the elevation rapidly to the top of the region where the mountainous terrain which eventually becomes a tundra. Coming from the northern pole and heading south the elevation lowers until the vast cliffs that border the ocean. Hill and plains decorate the central plains between the southern coast and the northern alpine forests.

Fauna & Flora

The Pigment Sheep

  The sheep in Fairley will have their wool's color change based on the food they eat. Flowers are extremely potent in causing their woo to change, but they prefer to eat the Fairleyen Wheat which has a pink coloring. As a result, their wool is usually pink.  

Fairleyen Wheat

  This pink grain is endemic to fairley. It's been used by farmers for generation, but is no longer naturally occurring as other wheat varies have outcompete it. Farmers now have to closely watch hiter crop if they want to grow it because other varieties can easily take over if unchecked.  

Red Plains Rodent

  These orange createurs dig tunnels underneath the ground where they live. They are completely harmless but can eat crops if they are unattended. Their populations reside mostly inland with individuals rarely seen along the coast.

Natural Resources

While the lower section has a lot of arable land, the mountains have very little precious metals.
Ahh, the Imperium heartland. Some of the best places to live are here due to their safety and access to the world's goods due to the Imperium.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
Auluan Plains, Central Fairley
Owning Organization
Related Myths


  Beauty: Hard to Enjoy 2 / 5   Resources: Valuable 4 / 5   Danger: Peaceful 1 / 5

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