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People who live with the region of Fairley and North Fairley. This is considered the dominant culture of the Imperium and the two are used interchangeably when speaking about their culture.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alba, Camilla, Flavia, Hermina, Marcia, Verginia

Masculine names

Aelius, Aulus, Cato, Crispus, Diocletianus, Gaius, Marcus, Tacitus

Family names

Calvisius, Gargonius, Modius, Renna, Sertorius, Valerius


Major language groups and dialects

Imperium Basic: This was an adapted form of the original language of Fairlein or High Imperium. The language is intertwined with the this culture and dislike conforming to other languages. The farther north you go, the more older aspects of the language appear amongst speakers.

Shared customary codes and values

Fairlein people live under there defined set of values above all else.  

Blood Forge to Rule

  The idea of cultivated lineages has been around for hundreds of years. Marriage and love is an afterthought in a relationship as the couple's combined abilities that can be passed down to their offspring. Fairlein people want to improve their line in the skills they desire valuable such as art or warfare. This cultivation can set opinions of you for life.  

Destined For Greatness

  Fairlein people have the idea that their culture and ideas has set them on the path to greatness. They have fought and beat many cultures and people for them to be victorious. Defeat is never an option with victory as the only solution. Their determined attitudes result in a strong sense of cultural unity.  

Protection of the Weak

  The weak must be brought into their care whether by force or willing acceptance. They will always offer assistance and give it whether or not it was wanted. This could be the subjugation of a culture and people or willing to aid in a plague across the world. Fairlein people firmly believe in getting involved to help with their methods.

Common Etiquette rules

Greetings: It is customary to stating the name of the person you are speaking with when you greet them then saying hello. For example, Renna, hello nice to see you.   The Color Blue: The color blue it only worn in mourning. The dark the shad, the more closely connected you were to the person who has passed away.

Art & Architecture

Fairlein art is very similar to your 19th century Impressionism from what I have been told. The art uses short, thick strokes to capture the essence of the subject. The detail is not as important. Colours are applied side-by-side with as little mixing as possible. There are no blacks and darker tones are produced using the contemporary colors.   Fairlein architecture is similar to the Innaru with their preference to large marble structures. They like to create high ceilings with the feeling of empty space within a room.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Birthdays: Honoring the the survival to one's next birthday originate within Fairley. Due to their desire to build legacies, honoring these days is a way of proving that you will uphold the family legacy and that is honored. Typically showing appreciation to the influences of your life to others and they will show you their appreciation as well. A honoring of your accomplishments.   The Flower Festival: Special flowers called the Celestial Rose bloom only during an eclipse. People celebrate a time of friendship and love. Friends build bonds of trust. Younger couples exchange flowers to announce their love to one another. Older couples renew each other vows. It's a festival of relationship.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When someone dies, they are categorised into three types of death: wrongful, peaceful, and purposeful. Fairlein people value strength upon all else and living into your final days in greatly honored.   Wrongful: Wrongful deals with murders, disease, accidents, etc. Anytime a person dies not by their choice by an identifiable force then it considered wrongful. Wrongful deaths are cremated because the body was harmed in the death, the best way for the soul to pass on is to help them leave their physical body. The body is lit by a significant other and the ash remains will be released into the wind.   Peaceful: Peaceful deals with them passing away purely by old age; no outside causes. They are buried within the ground, so the spirit has time to make their peace with their physical body. A ceremony to honor their life it common and is open to anyone who knew the deceased.   Purposeful: Purposeful deals with excursions by the law or suicide. They receive an unceremonious bruning, by the local undertaker. Their ash is boxed then store within the ground, so that they will always have a connection to the physical world.

Common Taboos

Celestial Affinity: It is impolite to ask the affinity of someone who is not a blood relative. It is however polite to tell someone your affinity.

Major organizations

Aulus Imperium : The country the was created by the original Fairlein people a few thousand years ago.   Eurrusius Bloodline : The most powerful family within the fairlein culture. Many customs originate from their history.
It's currently being consider a dying culture within the Imperium's urban centers. Fairlein culture is typically only seen rural areas as the urban center has adapted the culture with the others from around the world.
— Archivist Renna
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