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Imperium Coinage

Before the foundation of the Aulus Imperium, coins were made of precious metals, but when magic rose in prominence, so did the needed security for each coin. Now with the rarity of the material and with each coin enchanted with a spell fingerprint.  

Coin Types

  Each coin is called an Aul with the material after, so a gold coin would be called a Aul Gold. There are only only three metals used; gold, platinum, silver, and Innraite. Silver is considered the lowest value and is worth about five of other currencies. Gold is worth ten silver and is the most common coin used. Platinum is worth fifteen gold coins and 150 silver coins and is mostly used by people of wealth. Innraite is worth 1000 platinum and is rarely seen beyond the wealthiest nobles and merchants. Due to it's magical protection, these are impossible to forge outside the Treasury's staff.  

Coin Printing

  When a coin is made the front is stamped first. It has the face of an emperor/ess is stamped upon a set and each set is made yearly. Along with their face, the year is was made and the data of the foundation of the Imperium is along the top edge. The bottom edge is the phrase, Blood Forge to Rule. The back is the logo of the ruling family of the Eurrusius.   After the coin is made it is given to a wizard that enchants each batch of coins with a nearly unbreakable spell that gives each one a special signature in order to keep track. This knowledge is kept very under wraps to the point that such a process has not even been recorded here.  


  Coins were simply made by local towns back before the Imperium. With no central authority, the value of the coins fluctuated greatly. When the Imperium was established, the coins were still made locally, but the value began to be regulated in order to prevent the value to change against their more economically powerful neighbours. After Ethonia Republic fell to the Imperium, the Treasury was created in order to standardized their coinage system with our own as well as established a new updated curreney for the entire country. The method of coin printing was created during this time and has not changed for years.   It would not be till the conquering of the Rasselfall Kingdom that people began to forge the coins to ids balance the currency. This problem was resolved, by adding the magic fingerprint.  


  As the Imperium rose as an economic powerhouse, the coinage began to increase in great value. Some countries such as Carawand Monarchy had to adopt the coinage in order to avoid economic collapse and many coinage from other cultures are with only a fifth of the Imperium's coins. Banking was created when the Treasury was founded and many prominent banks started in Fairley and now dominate the continent.
In all honesty, many people call all coins Auls because the Imperium coinage is everywhere and rules imposed by the Treasury are law. It would be a lie to say otherwise.
— Archivist Renna
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