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Ethonia Republic

The republic that was the first conquest the Imperium accomplished. They are the most loyal out of the vassals under the Imperium's control while also being the main source of raw materials to the empire.


Each of the major cities vote for a representative for their council. This group of representatives runs the government of their regions and the nation.


The ruins of ancient civilizations, large expanses of forests, some arable land


The Ethonia Republic was founded upon the ruins of the Aravitourus empires and parts of the elven empires. The Aravitourus originally had a democratic government which bled into the humans of the area. Each city was run by an elected mayor and some banded together in times of crisis. Around 2 LA a group of cities came together and united their people with the Ethonia Council. After several great years of progress they allowed the other cities to join creating the Ethonia Republic. This however did not last as the rising empire from their east came and attacked. After a brutal war they surrender under the Imperium's flag.   Since then they retained an elected official that is a emissary to the Imperium's Governor. This system has prospered and has created a decent relationship with the Imperium.
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Parent Organization

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