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The new capital of the Ethonia Republic after the Imperium's war with them hundreds of years ago. Once a small trade hub, now a large city of trade and politics.


41.7% Human: 141,330   21.5% Elf: 71,858   21.1% Aravitourus: 71,513   8.3% Wolvan: 28,130   5.7% Dwarf: 19,318   1.1% Otterian: 37,728   .6% Other: 2,034


The Office of Influence is located here for the imperium province of Ethonia. This means the assigned governor runs all operations within the city and surrounding areas. The Ethonia Republic's council resides here as well, but has no official power here. Only in the rest of the providence.


The city is surrounded by a stone wall on it's outer perimeter. Along with it are a few archery towers, but little else. War has never really come to the town except when the Imperium invade hundreds of years ago, so the defense have gone into disrepair and are unused.


The city was built along a river through The Great Reaching Woods and as such the city has stayed along it's banks. Docks for the ships to trade up and down steam are made and bough here for the local business as their is no other large enough city along the river to support production.   Unlike most towns, Pentanna has an excellent sewer system and bath houses are common. The city is known for it's cleanliness and lack of disease. There is one major bridge, Dragonheart, that can be raised and lowered across the river. This is used exclusively by traders and caravans will small boats ferry people across from one side to the other.


The city before the Imperium's invasion was a small bustling city of trade throughout the region. Its was usually a hub for travelers to cross the forest from Fairley to the western The High Throne Mountains or to the Areus Moor Plains to the south. However, when the war reached the forest, trade completely stopped and the city collapsed. AS the Imperium army advanced on the city, the city was barely holding on with the poor littering the now crime ridden streets. Due to it's strategic position, the army setup their headquarters here for the rest of the campaign. While conditions didn't initially improve when the war ended, the Imperium stayed in the city. As a result, the city was reconstructed into the capital of our new providence. Live prospered months after.
Progress requires some strive and the city proves it. It's now one of the most important city in the Imperium.
— Archivist Renna
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