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The High Throne Mountains

These mountains are a large chain that takes them from Central Lothna to the western edge of North Fairley. They are some of the tallest mountains in the world and they stay along the coast.


This mountain chain is the longest chain on the continent. With peaks ranging from ~5000 ft - ~6000 ft tall, the mountains are considers the most dangerous around due to their sharp inclines and rough terrain. While passages through the mountains have been founded and frequently used, other paths are dangerous with many perishing before finishing the journey. Caves are abundant throughout the mountains with mines filled with precious metals that the nearby settlements obtain for money and arming the local armies.

Fauna & Flora

Golden Hawks

  While contrary to the name, they are not golden, but a dark brown. These avian predators hunt from the skies all across the mountains. Any small rodent should fear its presence. However, for the sapien creatures, they can be trained to be pets.

Natural Resources

The North Fairley portion are rich with precious metals while the rest are not as lucky.

Many have died trying to cross the mountains passes. If you do try, please used the official roads through. They are much safer and guarded.
— Archivist Renna
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