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The northern reach of the continent is the most barren region around. Crops barely grow expect a few hardy plants that can brave the cold and lack of humanity. However, the region is abundant in precious minerals.


The Great Reaching Woods are a natural barrier preventing the majority of precipitation from the south to reach the northern coast. As such, the region is on the leeward side of the mountain range. The land is hilly and nearly barren. The soil can't support most crops. However, the mountain range in their region is a huge natural barrier preventing so much from crossing over. While it is a barrier, it also provides the resources that have kept the people in the region economically relevant.

Fauna & Flora

The Womotes

  These hardy plants are the main source of food among the people due to its need for little water and its far-reaching roots for nutrients. It takes about two years to grow, but one single Womote can feed a family for a day. While not the most pleasant thing to eat, it is packed with nutrients.  

The Ittles

  These thing little people the size of a finger segment live in hidden glades with their tiny houses. They don't have any economic, political, or cultural relevance. They do mimic our lives as well.

Natural Resources

Antellies Steel

  This special iron ore is stronger than average iron to the point that some have mistaken it to be actual steel ore, but the produced steel is actually stronger the normal steel. Not by a large amount, but still noteworthy for many tools.  

Gem Deposits

  Gem mines are often found on this side of the mountain. Many are infused with magic and used decorative purposes.

I don't know how people actually live there.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
Far Reaching Lands, North Lothna
Included Locations


  Beauty: Ugly 1 / 5   Resources: Extremely Valuable 5 / 5   Danger: Little Danger 2 / 5

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