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The climate is mostly temperate with little elevation change. Along the northwest coast are large mountains which keeps the rain in Lothna. this provides enough water to keep the land green and fresh. Forests are a plenty all over this region.


While some scattered plains thought the region, one large forest dominates the land with a mountain range to the north west. There are smaller forests, but they are still part of their parent forest, The Great Reaching Woods.

Fauna & Flora

House Gnomes

  These mischievous creatures are endemic to Lothna. They are magical and from what we know they do not reproduce. Each gnome is attached to a house where they roam around misplacing things and being a general bother. However the anyone who sleeps in their house can not see them. They wear pointy red hats, blue shirts with green pants.  

The Tyrant Woodpecker

  This bird lives in the woods and surrounding areas. Its identified by the plumage around its head that resembles a crown. They eat insects that are deep inside a tree.

Natural Resources

The soil is somewhat fertile, but not as good as other parts of the world. The forests however are vast and healthy. Somewhat of the best wood in the world comes from here.
The forests here supply many parts of the world with wood and some ores form the north. A great addition to the Imperium.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
Central Lothna
Included Locations
Related Myths


  Beauty: Beautiful 4 / 5   Resources: Abundant 3 / 5   Danger: Some Danger 3 / 5

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