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North Fairley

Considered the to be the highest part of the continent, the region is cold and arid. While Imperium populations are slim, the giant ice giants have lived there for centuries.


This part of Fairley is dominated by a vast mountain range acting as a physical barrier to the colder plains northward. From the more open plains of central Fairley, the north is hilly and mountainous with tundra for the majority of the area. There is a Alpine forest that lines the northern shoreline and southern edge of the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

The climate is slightly colder to the more warmer parts to the south. As a result, the plants and animals more suited for cold survive around here.  

Ice Crabs

  The ice crabs are 4x the size of ordinary crabs from around the world. They are extremely dangerous and possess the ability to use water magic. Their mating rituals produce huge intricate glaciers that float in the far north.  

Brighten Flower

  These flowers glow a soft golden light in the forests. They illuminate a foot outwards.  

Chipper Penguins

  The Chipper Penguins are aquatic birds that stand a few feet high and feed on fish that swim in the far north. They get the name "chipper" for their incredible ability to skip rocks and themselves across the water or snow at extreme speeds that can kill large mammals on contact.

Natural Resources

The mountains are filled will precious metals and minerals. There are multiple forest, but considered small compared to the other forests on the continent. Animal game is plentiful along with the ample supply of fish in the cold waters.
I do not know how people live up there. Its constantly cold and tons of dangerous critters live up there.
— Archivist Renna
Alternative Name(s)
The Cold Reaches
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Included Locations
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  Beauty: Beautiful 4 / 5   Resources: A Strategic Necessity 5 / 5   Danger: Dangerous 4 / 5

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