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The Radovan Colonies

The Radovan Colonies were a foundation of several villages and towns after the great barrier fell around Airithrea. Many Griffirca fled their land to flee the crowded slums of their home. Little did they know they would try to settle on lands owned by the Aulus Imperium. With their ignorant claims on the land, they would be relocated until a deal would be signed to allow proper migration.


They all were under the rule of the Solus Monarchy when initially founded. However, when the Imperium began to attack their settlements, they created their own emergency council to take more decisive actions. These leaders would later be executed by the Imperium when the last colonies fell before the treaty could be signed. Now they are under direct Imperium control.


While the colonies had time to construct their towns, they failed to realize what they might encounter on the mainland and thus were greatly unprepared for the nearby militias. Many of the towns had no defenses and most of their structures were either unfinished or not strong enough to withstand an attack. As a result, many those colonies were completely destroyed and forced many to consolidate their numbers in larger settlements, but it would not save them. These large settlements lacked the resources to support such large population sizes. this forced many to raid the native populations and thus bring the eye Imperium armies. They never stood a chance.


In the year 3397, the barrier around Airithrea was suddenly lifted. This allowed the overpopulated people of the subcontinent, to migrate to the mainland which to the Griffirca, was likely abandoned. Scouts were sent out a year later and expedition parties were sent a few months after them. It would be a full two years later before the first colonist would be sent to Lor-Ta and Fairley. However, Lor-Ta was unsuitable for their way of life, so many of them returned after many colonists died trying to make it viable. The Fairley colonies would be the only successful locations.   These settlements would be The Radovan Colonies named after the first monarchy of the Solus Monarchy . There were about thirty-five total settlements constructed, but many would be destroyed in the coming months. When the Fairlein citizens of the region discovered these invaders, they quickly mobilized and attacked these settlements. About ten would be burnt to the ground along with killing of the inhabitants. Eleven would be raid constantly and forced them to flee. This left fourteen remains settlements, which called upon their homeland to send military support. However, before any support would arrive, the Imperium military would arrive and wipe about nine more settlement.   With only four settlements left, they banded together to oppose these attackers. They would stale them for a few weeks which allowed, for the surprisingly small military reinforcements to arrive. However, they failed to consider the Imperium's military strength. A week after the reinforcements arrived, the Imperium made a full-scale attack and conquered the remained settlements, capturing thousands of civilians within only a handful able to return home. This would initiate the brief Colonial War. When it concluded the Griffirca were allowed to return to the mainland, but they were now to be Imperium citizens and must break ties with all connections from the Solus Monarchy .


The colonies were in the region of Fairley and were along the eastern coast. The area is typically colder due to the cold water that comes in from the north, but it still a very habitable places to live.
They were foolish to think they could claim any land they wanted. They should be grateful for allowing them to live within our territory after such transgression.
— Archivist Renna
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Owning Organization
Formerly Owned: Solus Monarchy

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