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Airithrea is a subcontinent off the coast of the Desert Coast in Lor-Ta. Home to the Griffirca and ??????. It is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the known world.


Airithrea is, in some perspectives, a large island. while physically this is true, it is large enough to take up a large proportion of land while also having many unique features all to its own. The island has one large mountain in the center which takes up about 1/3 of the total area of Airithrea. The mountain referred to as Renvokcar, is a dead volcano which has not erupted in thousands of years. around the mountain are thick jungles that warp around the outer part of the island. At the coastline are white sandy beaches that stretch far as the eye can see because about 1/2 of the outer edge is one continuous beach, expect for the occasional rock formation in between.   It is broken up into three different tiers as a result of its elevated terrain.  

Sol's Abandonment

Elevation: 15,000 ft - Up   Anything at this level is frozen. The air is cold and snow flurries are common. No one typically goes up here and it is extremely dangerous.  

Sol's Touch

Elevation: 6,000 ft - 15,000 ft   It is typically quite rocky and somewhat cold and humid. The tree cover lessens as elevation increases. Sheep are rasied up here along with the Piplima tree.  

Sol's Respite

Elevation: Sea level - 6,000 ft   Jungles dominate this level. It is hot and humid. About mid way up the majority of cities and populations are located here. The heat is moderate and not unbearable. Crops are grown at this level.

Fauna & Flora

Piplima tree

  The tree is valuable resource of the paper made from it. The paper is extremely strong and light, perfect for flying machines and historical preservation.  

The Rift Orangutan

  These dangerous apes can teleport at will to attack it's prey. They live near the sea level, deep in the jungle.  

Magician's Berry

  These berry bush grow berries the size of marbles, but are magically volatile. When the skin of the is torn, a small explosion of magic. They are not harmful and when eaten are very sweet.
Glenhook travels here all the time to study the biology. Certainly very different from our own.
— Archivist Renna


  Beauty: Beautiful 4 / 5   Resources: A Strategic Necessity 5 / 5   Danger: Some Danger 3 / 5

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