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The Rift Orangutan

The Rift Orangutan is rare and endangered creature that is desired my many people to be a wonderful pet. If one can get into its social circle, then they will consider you a family member and will treat you as such being very caring.  

Magic Abilities

The Rift Orangutan is dangerous. They have the ability to disappear completely from reality only to reappear a few yards from their original location. We believe that they can control this ability to go to any destination within their limit. They use this for surprise attacks and can do this any number of times without getting exhausted. Another ability is their howl. When they begin their howl, it will start soft, but their large cheeks begin to amplify the sound until it startles or disorient its target. They are immune to this loud noise.

Basic Information


An rift orangutan upper body is large, a thick neck, very long and strong arms,. it's lower body has short, bowed legs, and no tail. It is mostly covered with long, light to dark grey hair and grey-black skin. Males have large cheek flaps they use for displays of dominance and magic storage.

Ecology and Habitats

The love the jungle and prefer to stay away from civilization. They are very dangerous and thus are near the top of the food chain. They hunt by surprising their target then either strangle it to death. If this doesn't work, they will stalk them until their target's body fails them. A war of attrition.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Rift Orangutans are omnivores with an affinity towards insets and fruit. They will attack and eat anything and anyone for in their social group.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They live in groups of five to ten in a close knit group. Each member helps take care of one another. Outsiders considered hostile and will attack on sight. However, it is possible integrate yourself into their group, but gaining their trust is difficult.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They can only be found on the Ethereal Isles in its jungles. Due to the magical barrier around the island, its near impossible to find any.

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent for a non sapient species..
Scientific Name
nunc simiae
Conservation Status
Protected under the Magical Conservation Concord
Average Height
3.9 – 4.6 ft
Average Weight
~99 lbs

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