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Wall Stone Coast

The Wall Stone Coast is a sub-region of Fairley on the western coast. The area is quite populated other than on cliff's edge. Typically fishmen construct a pulley system to raise and lower themselves up and down to transport ship to the inland. There is a small deposit of Laurelmist that is quite valuable to the right person.


These hundred foot cliff are all along the western side of Fairley with some parts of the south western section. The cliff faces are about hundred foot shear drops that prevent most access to the coast. The beach themselves stretch about several yards outward to the ocean. Storms batter the coastline yearly with the way the ocean currents hit this side of the continent. The storms are usually quite tame with an hour or two of rainfall at a time. Rivers from the The High Throne Mountains end here along the coast creating majestic waterfalls as well. These rivers can occasionally go underground to create vast cave complexes filled with special crystals call Laurelmist used to makes special lenses and enchantments.

Fauna & Flora

Fairleina Moss

  Due to the amount of storms that hit the coast. The walls of the cliffs are often moist. This allows for the moss to grow. While not particularly useful , it can a neurotoxin that can, over a long period of exposure, be deadly. At most can put someone to sleep with a slight rash.  

Nortus Gull

  This bird is native to this area of the world hunting the fish and insects off the coast. The bird is covered in white feathers and blue streaks around it's purple eyes. They are a delicacy in the area.  

Illipsin Tuna

  This tuna typically lives in the island chain to the west, but one a year comes here to laid their eggs. Their fins are bright red and their scales shimmer in the sunlight. However, their blood is poisonous.
I've visited a few times. It's a sight to behold and certainly worth going to try the gull.
— Archivist Renna


Alternative Name(s)
Craggy Coast
Coast / Shore
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Included Locations
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  Beauty: Beautiful 4 / 5   Resources: Lacking 2 / 5   Danger: Peaceful 1 / 5

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