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Bestonia is a farming town in west Fairley. It is between the the smaller fishing villages to the south west and the the city of Petram. Everynight fireflies common out and light up the nightly streets of the town.


Generally the diverse populations have not conflicted in years, but when they first arrived, fights broke out and people were hurt. It was sudden and quite unexpected, but the situation was resolved. Now this new population has overtaken the original one and, yet the violence hasn't started again.   50.1% Griffirca : 66,147   41.1% Human : 54,132   5.3% Otterun: 6,997   3.1% Orc : 4,093   1.4% Other : 1,848


The town is mostly defenseless, besides the natural defense that comes from the river. Even without it, the town is in no danger at all. There is nothing to worry about when you are in the heart of the Imperium.

Industry & Trade

Most townsfolk refine the goods brought into the city from either the food from the south and east, fish and sand from the west, or wood form the north. The goods are brought here to sell to the local businesses in which they package and sell them across Fairley.   For example, the flour to make Fairlayen Bread is ground up right here then sent the rest of the Imperium. Another popular good are their mirrors and stained glass that is sculpted here. The sand from the beach is dug up and bough to be made into glass. With some imported materials glass production then once made sent out across the country.


The town can support a large population comfortably. It's decently sprawled out with several gardens throughout. Windmills dot the outskirts to grind the grain around the nearby farms. A river goes around the town which provides water and a natural sewage system. A few stone bridges allow people to cross them to reach the farms and windmills outside of town. Finally a courtyard is in the center with statues of banners showing their loyalty to the Aulus Imperium.

Guilds and Factions

Closed Eye Guild

  A small merchant's guild that deals with the trade and pricing in the town and nearby areas. All coin that travels through the town, goes through them first.  

Alchemist's Society

  Their headquarters is here and they specialize in designing potions and finding ingredients for alchemists around the world. However, they are pretty small with only a few active members in town.


History doesn't find it's way here often if at all. The town was founded 2802 S after the Invasion of the giant Icee Giants ended. Any settlements in the area would have been ruins and the original settlers of the town were the first to resettle the land. The people here take pride in that and their brave outlooks persist to this day.   When the barrier around Airithrea off the coast fell. They were the first large settlement to welcome in the Griffirca, who were starving from overpopulation streets of their home. The humans here helped them even before the Imperium signed the treaty. This created a huge population increase for the town as many Griffirca migrated here away from the crowded streets of their home. While tensions did run high, the people adapted quickly.   Otherwise, the town is pretty uneventful.


While the original settlement used wood as the primary resource, when the Griffirca arrived stone architecture was brought in from their culture. As a result, new buildings had a mix of both styles with stone and wood framings.
The town is not really noteworthy. I'm surprised you were interested in it at all.
— Archivist Renna
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