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The Carawand Marshes

These small wetlands take up the northern portion of the Carawand Monarchy and a small southern portion of the Ethonia Republic. These lands have been precious to the Carawands for centuries and are regarded as a natural wonder.


Rainfall happens daily and the moist air is constant. Throughout the marsh there is a river that goes right through it which supplies the majority of the marshland. Large willow trees are planted on every little islands between the flooded areas. The land floods constantly and the water is never at a stable height. The soil is hard to grow anything. Generally very inhospitable.

Fauna & Flora

Carawand Crocodile

  Very dangerous predator that can kill within a split second. As large as a boat, they wait unmoving near the surface of the water waiting for unsuspecting mamlas and buids to approch. Some believe they are descendants from dragons, but there is no scientific proof of this claim.  

Fogotten Python

  Out of all the unique creatures out in the world, this one is an oddity. Cold to the touch, these snakes can create fog as out of thin air. We suspect they have some sort of magical property to do this. They hid from sight before striking and strangling their victims.  

Sweet Flies

  Drawn by the scent of fruit, these insects are actually very sweet to eat. However, they are riddled with poison and diseases which will kill anyone who eats them. However some birds have developed resistances to them.
This land has been fought over for centuries, yet has no strategic value. It's a testament on how to fight worthless battles
— Head Archivist Octavian.
Wetland / Swamp
Location under
Related Myths


  Beauty: Ugly 1 / 5   Resources: Little Value 1 / 5   Danger: Dangerous 4 / 5

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