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This once forest filled land has now been turned into a mostly open plain with patches of forests scattered around the region. The heart of this region is the Sunset Lake which supplies the surrounding land with water. This is the most populated region on the continent.


The region is quite humid and warm due to the abundance of water and low latitudes. It rains frequently here on a weekly basis with inches ranging from 6 to 10 inches. While the rain does create a high humidity, the forests were not able to grow at rate seen on Airithrea with tis jungles. The Tree Wiffler eats the larger trees before they are able to an old age. Thus, trees tend to be smaller in size and cannot create an appropriate canopy create such a habitat. The Lake is large with the opposite shore far beyond the horizon. Several rivers start here and spread out through the rest of the region. Otherwise, the landscape is somewhat flat with a slight decline starting from the lake.

Fauna & Flora

Moon Weaver

  A spider filled with lunar energy that is incredibly dangerous. It produces a venom that is only poisonous to creature with solar affinity. A single drop can kill a fully-grown man with in ten minutes. It’s painful with your blood vessels popping. Lucky they are extremely rare and only come out as night due to their very sensitive exoskeleton.  


  This four-legged creature has long legs made for long strides and fast sprints. Males have two sharp elongated horns used to defend themselves. Typically, they live in large herds of 30 - 50 individuals. Their fur is a orange or clay color.  

Tree Wiffler

  A small insect that digs into the bark of trees to eat its sap. As a result, the tree gets these odd divots from its digging. It only digs about an inch into the surface before going to a different spot. Left unchecked, the Tree Wiffler can eat an entire tree in a day.

Mesora, is quite a special place. It's been referenced that the start of civilization started here. Is it true? Well depending on who you ask could change that opinion from religion, magic, to ruins.
— Archivist Renna
Included Locations
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  Beauty: Pretty 3 / 5   Resources: Some Value 3 / 5   Danger: Some Danger 3 / 5

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