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Imperium Archives

We are the organization that is dedicated to studying and persevering the world knowledge. Our work helps the people of the highest authority to make rational decisions on important issues.


Our archives is broken up into four ranks. Each with their own duties within our library.  

Head Archivist

  This is our leader who ensures that the archives is up to royal standards. He...
  • Approve projects
  • Allocate funds
  • Authorize the use of forbidden texts
  • Assists VIP guests
  • Appoint new archives and promote assistants


  These are the main members of our group. We work on the keeping the archives running with new content by obtaining new texts and going over research. Our job includes:
  • Working on assigned projects.
  • Competing research.
  • Assisting High Level guests
  • Authorize the use of valuable texts


  These are the minor workers at the archives. They assist us with daily tasks that we should bother with. We would also assign them to a specific topic. They typically...
  • Organize the our books.
  • Run day to day functions.
  • Assisting Basic Level guests
  • Authorize the use of basic texts


  This last rank are librarians in training. They do the menial jobs and study the basics of research and knowledge. Assistants are chosen by the archivists and are sponsors. During this time, the sponsored archivist is in charge of their training until they are promoted to librarian. Their job entails....
  • Assist the Archives
  • Clean
  • Run errands
  • Look over recently published work.

Public Agenda

Our goal is to ensure that knowledge is not forgotten and in the hands of the people that need it. We discover the mystery that have yet to be solved and delve deeper than other people could go. This is our duty.
— Head Archivist Octavian


  Here is the current list of people whom work here at the archives. I added some notes to help bring out some personality, but it's hard to explain who someone is in a few sentences. The following list is In order of authority.  

Head Archivist


Ellus Octavian

  • Race: Aravitourus
  • Sex: Male
  • Position: Head Archivist
  • Specialization: Sapien Geography
Notes: He is the oldest among the current employees. He is considered tough, while also a kind, and very wise, man.  




  • Race: Otterun
  • Sex: Male
  • Position: Archivist
  • Specialization: Physical Geography
Notes: He is the most erratic out of us all. Has a fascination with Moon Leafs and babbled on about them on occasion. However, he is really smart, but just a bit odd.    

Herminia Renna

  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Position: Archivist
  • Specialization: Linguistics
Notes: I translate all the documents into Imperium basic. I've been told that I am the most oblivious, but I doubt that's true.    

Edward Glenhook

  • Race: Wolvan
  • Sex: Male
  • Position: Archivist
  • Specialization: Sapien Biology
Notes: As the only female among the archivists for some time, Glenhook tends to be a flirt. He's the most well spoken and proper. Always trying to strike up a conversation.  




  • Race: Orc
  • Sex: Female
  • Position: Librarian
  • Specialization: History
Notes: She is the newest among us and is certainly a schemer. She is the one that likes to gossip and cause general stress between each other.  

Crispus Tatius

  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Position: Librarian
  • Specialization: Factions and Organizations
Notes: He's quiet compared to the rest of us. He's constantly busy dealing with our reputation among the other groups out there.  

Camilla Vella

  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Position: Librarian
  • Specialization: Magic
Notes: She very approachable and soft spoken. She's the mom of our little group.  



Irven Corus

  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Position: Assistant
  • Sponsor: Renna
Notes: He's extremely goofy and a little more of a bookworm then us.  


  • Race: Fexian
  • Sex: Female
  • Position: Assistant
  • Sponsor: Glenhook
Notes: She is our newest addition from Sor-Ta Empire. She is very shy and tend to keep to herself.


Founded in 2585, our instructed task to catalog all the Imperium's information in one place in an organized fashion, so the Emperor and governors could find the information they need to know without spending months of study. We were directly part of the crown for 500 years until our initial starting year. It was after the Sor-Ta War that we became a separate branch in the Imperium. This was when our first Head Archivist was chosen. Nothing of note could be said for us from that point onward.
I hope this better explains how our archives works and who works here. It's not just me, but many different people from around the Imperium.
— Archivist Renna
Founding Date
2585 S
Educational, Library
Alternative Names
The Archvies
Parent Organization
Notable Members

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