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Wolvan are hard working people who work side by side with the humans in the Imperium.

Basic Information


This race is bipedal. Coarse fur covers their body and appear visually similar to the feral wolf though not completely. Their claws are gone and replaced with smaller nails, nothing that can truly harm someone.

Genetics and Reproduction

Around the same time each year between the months of Gren and Sunus, females will become fertile. In this state they are able to conceive pups and only during this time. When a union is made, the average couple will have about three to four pups per birth, but maybe only two will live. A pregnancy takes about 11 months.

Ecology and Habitats

The wolvans prefer a humid cool climate. They need water just like most creatures, but their thick coat prevents many from going anywhere that is hot and or a lack of water.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are carnivores. However like the other races they can eat grain based foods, but can't eat vegetables or fruit.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Family is put above all else. However, "family" is not what we would consider the same as ours. The "Arwoo" or family, is a blood bond between your direct blood relatives and friends. A ritual called "The Bonding" can bond two non-blood relatives together thus bring them together for their Arwoo.   The family can be altered and changed as the individual sees fit. Generally, a person's Arwoo is a grouping of very close people.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most are only found in the northern to central parks of the continent. The Carawands are their homeland and thus their highest concentrations of people resides there.

Average Intelligence

They are very ingenuitive and are smart engineers. Under the Glenhook Scale: 5/10

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sense of smell is higher than the other races, but not as strong as their wild counterparts.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male: Arnold, Charles, Gerald, Odo, Oliver   Female: Agatha, Emmeline, Joan, Sybil

Major Organizations

Beauty Ideals

Both genders are attracted to feats of "skill". A skill could refer to anything such as fighting, painting, spell casting, trading, and sailing. Specializing in a trade or skill is what attracts potential mates. Showing off this skill is what brings them together.

Courtship Ideals

Courting is done by displaying one's skill to a potential mate. For example, a painter would paint a picture for the one who they want to court. Another example for a merchant would have a display of wealth. This applies to both genders, but typically is common for male to display their skill then the females. Men however can take as many wives as they like because it's their display of their skill that keeps them together.

Relationship Ideals

It's common for men to have multiple wives, but retaining them is difficult. All it takes is for one male to impress a female once to break a relationship. This truly only occurs at younger ages. As they age, the male gravitates to one wife, but at this point many have likely left to another male. The Arwoo solidifies by this point.  
worker class wolvan
  Any pups produced in the relationships are bound to the males. This occurs because the father would care for them due to how often the movement of females between males occurs. Sadly pups taken to other males are tend to be neglected. This also creates a sense that producing offspring shouldn't be taken lightly because the males could be overburdened with pups fast if he is not careful. It's a societal way of birth control.

Common Etiquette Rules

A slight bow between people is common among friends while a nod would be used for more formal encounters.

Common Dress Code

They do not wear hides of creatures. Cotton or wool would be the most common types of fabric they would wear. Skirts between sexes is common while a loose shirt or coat is worn on the upper body. Clothes in general would only have the natural colors such as brown and black . It's rare for colors such as blue, red, or green to be worn. Typically these brighter colors are symbolic of nobility and wealth. Their fur keeps them moderately warm, so an extra layer of clothes is all they need.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

As with their mating practices, they love a display of skill. This made them create festivals surrounding different crafts. Every month has an to associated theme that they choose to celebrated. These festivals are so common that in many Imperium cities, festivals are held by not only the wolvans, but the other races as well. It's usually dictated by the community on what kind of festival is held that month.   Artis Scientia Exchange   This celebration is a popular tradition that takes place every year in the capital of the Carawand Monarchy. It is a giant fair of the arts and crafts.


The Marshland Wars

  During the collapse of the old empires, the wolvans were on the rise as well. It is unknown how they came about, but they did have a close neighbor which suggests a connection that the Carawands spawn intelligence. Their neighbours were the otterun people. During the initial growth between their two species grew tense quickly. Due to their inherit cultural and physiological differences, conflict was inevitable. The forests to the north and the wetlands and plains to the south couldn't contain them both.   The wolvan tribes struck first with a multiple stage raid on the otterun tribes that were settled in the marshlands. The first stage was to harass the local population until the tribes either held their ground of fled. Most stayed which was expected. Stage two was to target their agriculture. Within months their food supplies were demolished and their supplies from other tribes were destroyed. By this point the northern otterun began uniting to combat the threat which was what the wolvan's expected. Finally, they enacted stage three, to stage a full scale attack on the preparing otterun mega tribe. The battle known as the Battle of Hornwind. It lasted three days with the wolvans coming out victorious. The The Carawand Marshes became theirs.  
Wolvan warrior
One Man Army by LhuneArt
  Years later and with the creation of the human kingdoms to the north, so did the wolvans. They founded the Carawand Monarchy lead by Edward Carawand leader of the Carawand tribe. The otteruns, who lusted for their ancestral lands began to look for opportunities to retake their lost land. With the slowly growing world economy, they began to set their plans into motion.   The wolvans began using the main river that divided the march called Pellobrook. The Pellobrook river was the main way to move goods down the marsh without going through it. The otteruns knew this and thus brought their newly constructed naval fleet to contest the opening of the river and the river itself with many smaller ships. Without any preparation to fight in the sea, their supplies slowly began to be drained. The wolvans knew they could beat the otteruns this way, so they prepared an invasion force by land. The otteruns were ready, but not the extent that came. When the force arrived, several battles took place between their lands. Many died on both sides, but the wolvans had the skill and numbers. This was due to the otteruns' insistence in attacking by sea. The wolvans pushed forward until only a few towns remained. Fearing total annihilation, they called back their fleets, who had taken a few wolvan cities, back home. By the time they returned the final assault had already began. The remaining otterun feld on to their ships never to set foot on these shores again. The wolvans were victorious.  

100 Year Alliance

  At this point the Carawand Monarchy was the only remaining kingdom of wolvans. The other tribes either joined or fell to the humans to the north and west. They lucky had avoided conflict for many years up until the Aulus Imperium had formed and marched on the Ethonia Republic. Many wolvans fled to the Carawand Monarchy during the war as refugees. This started them all. What power could cause the republic to be in fear? They found out that a human by the name of Aulus had conquered the northern region of Fairley and now set his eyes on the Ethonia Republic. Fearing that they could be next, they began to build an even stronger military than they had when they fought the otteruns. It would be in vain however when Ethonia Republic fell, scouts reported that they were at least twice their size militarily. It would seem that there would be no hope for them.   War never came however. With a such a strong military, they turned themselves to the far south. The orcs had yet form a strong enough country to keep them unified. They took this advantage, but would fail. The Wol-Orc War was considered the worst tactical decision made in history. It united the orcs under one banner, the Pagomas Council and retook all their original ancestral lands. The wolvan had to retreat back into Carawand territory.   It would be several years later until the Aulus Imperium marched again. Many refugees had returned home by now to discover, that their fear was unfounded. There was hope that maybe war wouldn't come. This ended when the Aulus Imperium declared war on the Rasselfall Kingdom. War on them was surely inevitable. Instead a diplomat arrived one morning offering a 100 year alliance in exchange for support in the war against Rasselfall Kingdom. This diplomat was a wolvan, a proud Imperium citizen. Baffled by a wolvan working in a human kingdom was unimaginable, the royal family demanded an explanation. When he explained,  
Why must nations be divided by race? There is no reason why, I, a wolvan, could not assist that country who has protected us from the bandits from the south or the Giant Ice Giants. They Imperium needs every able body person to help and I wanted to do just that. If a wolvan can do just as much as a human then there is no reason why I shouldn't be here. We are equals among them, just as you are equals with your Arwoo.
— Imperium Diplomat, Jonathan Bride
  the royals agreed. Instead of fearing the outcome, they embraced their new neighbours. The treaty of 100 Year Unity created the famous 100 year Alliance. The two worked together and prospered for many years.    

The Economic Conflict

  With the Aulus Imperium has a great ally, war was now a fleeting thought.. They soon turned towards their biggest strength, crafting. They became the talk of the world until their two greatest enemies joined the world economy. The Otterun people dominated the navel trade and with their new floating nation, any goods to pass through the gulf, passes through their eyes first. The Orcs began to rise up in wealth due their business. The two stole many technological advances, art, and money from the wolvan people. This brought them into economic collapse, which the Aulus Imperium bailed them out of debt. It would only be stopped thanks to the Aulus Imperium's trade deal referred to as the Free Peoples Trade Agreement. It prevented targeting other based on their race or country. Of course the two had to accept due to the Imperium's recent success in conquering the Sor-Ta Empire and their economic presence in the world. This allowed the wolvans people to get out of this economic depression.   For years later, the humans and wolvans worked side by side as great allies. While humanity does take most of the glory, the two have helped influence many of today's events.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They are loyal friends and companions to many of the races, but not all. The races find them likable and friendly. While they seem charismatic, it's more of a natural bond then anything.


  Human - Our greatest friends and allies. Our bond goes beyond mere treaties, but mutual trust and friendship.   Narigita - They are not pleasant, but can be very enjoyable company if they desire to do so.  


  Dwarf - Our small friends. We are one of the few races they can say "friendly acquaintance"   Orc - These pig headed people have no sense of morality. Thei greed blinds them like no other.   Griffirca - We get along quite well, but their orderly life is a bit odd.


  Fexian - If humanity wasn't our greatest friends, these would be. Now that they are connected to us by the Imperium, relations will soon grow tremendously.   Otterun - They hold on to grudges for a long time. They need to get over it.   Lormoors - There is something different about them. We can't quite place it.   Melfloor - Rock are made to bend into teh shapes we desire, not what they desire. They are abominations.
"A proud people that have grown into something special even in the age of humanity." - Head Archivist Octavian
Female wolvan southern warrior
Warrior of the North by AlsaresLynx
Scientific Name
Homo Sapien Lupus
57 years
Average Height
Males: 5'11" - 6'5"   Females: 5'9" - 6'3"
Average Weight
156 lbs
Average Physique
Glenhook Scale: 7/10 They are one of the strongest physically. Their muscle builds faster and maintains longer without weakening.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The fur is course and rough compared to human hair or fexian fur. The color could vary from black, white, grey, or brown. Grey and brown are the most common.

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Cover image: Warrior of the North by AlsaresLynx


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