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The Mas’Qorgce

The Mas’Qorgce is in essence a party that is hosted in the Sor-Ta Empire. It's a yearly event that the Pharaoh will host with the other nobles or wealthy individuals. There is food, drink, games, and other such simple pleasures, but that's not the only thing. In reality it's a game of murder that is used to gain political power and subdue your enemies. Everyone wears a mask, the mask covers most of the face and is enchanted to disguise your voice. During the party, any attendee can murder, whomever they please, but under a two conditions.   1. You must know the identity of the person you kill.   2. You must have been witnessed by someone of three or more people not associated with the killer to receive credit.   If you kill the your suspected target and guess correctly, you are not punished, but if you mistake the person you kill then you will be kill in the same manner. A victor will remove their mask and be immune for the rest of the party. Anyone who attends, is a potential target.   There are ways around the rules as a target. If you are a servant, musician, dancer, or entertainer then you are immune to the game. Another way is to participate in the Mas’Qorgce Dancer tournament. The tournament is a duel between two users of Fire Magic in the art of dance. The magic itself is physical as it was, but you must use it in a dance that fights your opponent. A set of judges watch and determine a winner consisting of the Maserass and whomever the Maserass choses. The winner is given a prize of the Maserass's choosing.   Other then the main component of the party, it is very similar to a ball or dance. Music is played. Singer sing for the party goers. There is food aplenty and drink for your heart's content. The party starts when the sun sets and ends when the moon reaches the highest point in the sky.

Components and tools

A Mas’Qorgce Mask
"This party is so barbaric. Killing other for entertainment is unacceptable in any situation."
— Archivist Renna

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