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Gryphor are scions with the true from of a gryphon. Scientists, archivists, and even the scions themselves debate on whether or not this is a sub species or an ethnicity. However, we believe they are their own set of culture and beliefs. As a result, Archivist Glenhook, our cultural and biological researcher on sapiens, has compiled an array of information about them.   Gryphor are the most defined and traditional among the scions. They are known to be strong willed, selfless, and protective. This can all be seen as stubborn and glory hungry. With either opinion, they are very kind and respectful towards others.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Their original naming conventions have been lost to time, but today they created new ones. Generally, they are one word that is usually abstract. Here are some examples:   Valient, Hope, Guidance, Victory, Union.


Culture and cultural heritage

Most their culture was lost to time after the Never-Ending Crisis. There are a few traditions they have kept through the ages.  

The Journey

  An old tradition of a rite of passage to adulthood. Shared with the Kitsa, the passage is made at the age of 200 and it's a spiritual journey through The Dreamscape. By using the special leaves associated with traveling three with some other herbs, the scion discoverers who they are and who they could be. For each scion it is completely different.

Shared customary codes and values

They have always been a people of determination and hope. They never back down and never give up. It's not their way not too.

Historical figures

Perseverance was the first Speaker of the Scion's Circle.


Relationship Ideals

Gryphor are very dedicated mates to their partner. Once a bond is formed, there is nearly nothing that can break it. They expect the same from their partner.

Major organizations

Among all scions, the Scion's Circle is the only source of authority to them. The Gyphor enforce this. With their seat in the circle, the Gyphor are entrusted with authority for the circle, the Glade of Orion(Refer to map), and Solar magics. This enforcement is used to keep the pacts and treaties signed by the organizations of the world. This is all to ensure that their agenda is kept.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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