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The Embrace

An ancient organization that brought about Dantus's rule long ago. This group directly fought against The Union of Pellamulara.


As the demonym suggests, Dantus is the sole leader of the Embrace, but in a way is not the leader. The Embrace is a religious cult worshiping Dantus, so there are multiple ranked leaders that run the group and follow what they determine as his teachings. The main three ranks are Firstborn, Heirs, and Children.   Firstborn are the default leaders by usually magical strength of the dark arts. They are listen to Dantus's direct orders and also interpret his views into religious messages. Fighting among each other is strictly forbidden. These would be generals or tacticians in Dantus's army.   Heirs are usually magically powerful people with a bent towards darker magics. Their can be as many of them as there are people to follow, but to advance in rank they must prove themselves to the First Born by either killing one or a large demonstration to Dantus. These are lieutenants in Dantus's army.   Children are anyone willing to follow Dantus's message.

Public Agenda

Their goals have always to give more power to Dantus, whether that being magical or political. While not a main objective, they tend to bring about more use of dark magic in the world.


They are a very devout people. This means that Dantus had thousands of followers that would blindly follow his every whim. As a result, it made them exceptionally dangerous to his enemies.


While was formed as a result of Dantus's rise to power. His forces quickly became one in the same as the Embrace around the height of his power. This made the Embrace as his enforcers among his empire.   They lasted until his fall from the Scion's Circle and The Union of Pellamulara..
Keep in mind that these people are just a myth.... They don't really exist.. There is no big evil that sought to take over the world. It's all nonsense, but all legends have a hint of truth. There was a fanatical group around during the time, but there is no proper evidence indicating them as evil or associated with Dantus.
— Archivist Renna.
Secret, Government
The Heir's Children
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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