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The Union of Pellamulara

The Union were once powerful individuals that fought to end Dantus's reign of terror.


Each member is important to the cause with each role unique to them.  

Riss, The Leader

:   Riss was the leader of the Union. He is the only one with the ability to use light magic. As a result, he needed to be the leader that could defeat Dantus. He was a fast learner and became well known to be able to lead a ragged group of peasants to victory against any foe. During every battle, Riss would be there to lead the charge against the Embrace.   Among the team, he was their friend. He kept them together and picked them back up when they were down. His inner strength was touched by them all.  

Amenophis, The 2nd in Command

:   Amenophis was never a leader and never could be, but he had a knack of battle and organization. He was the man to keep the fight going against Dantus. His actions in making trade deals, finding recruits, and drawing up battle plans were key in their conflict.   He felt like the dad or father figure of the team. His cool demeanor was soft and warm when they need it to be, but cool and strong to keep them inline.    

Wilith, The Ambassador

:   Wilith's connections with the inner circle of The Embrace was a great boon to the team. Along with his talent in convincing others to give her what she wants, she became a valuable asset to the team.   She kept the team smiling and happy. Her dances were profound, and her words filled with hope and belief, even if she didn't believe it.    

Thyrador, The Strategist

  He trained Dantus, and thus knows his almost every move. While he certainly has changes, he does fall into his same habits, which Thyrador exploited. He and Amenophis worked together to out maneuver him at every turn. Riss valued his counsel before every battle.   Thyrador was around 400 years old during the conflict. He was the man of incite, a guide. His advice was valued, but also came off as arrogant and out of touch, but that doesn't mean he wasn't liked.    

Garamond, The Protector

  Garamond was a powerful spell caster in both solar and arcane forms, so was the rest the of team. However, his healing and barrier spells were near perfect. When innocents were attacked, he was there to protect them from harm and heal their wounds. His work saved countless lives when no one else could.   His kind heart was felt by his friends even though, he was quiet around them.    

Lorsa, The Jester

  Well, her impact wasn't felt directly on the battlefield, but in between the fights. She made powerful enchantments for the solider and casted power divination spells to see the battles before they occurred. All with a flick of her wrist with arcane magic.   While her contribution to the conflict was great, so was her annoyance to the team of the team with magical tricks and fun she caused throughout their time together.    

Imryll Lao, The Spy

  Her martial arts were unparalleled. As such, this means she can enter towns, cities, and fortress undetected with a weapon that all living creatures need, water. When she wasn't with the team, she was out there finding out the routes of patrols and locations of important figures.   Among the team she was the most determined, willing to go above and beyond to accomplish their goals. She was dependable to them to help the team whenever they were in their darkest hour.

Public Agenda

There goal was simple, to defeat Dantus and his group called The Embrace at all costs.


The Base

  The Pellamulara Grounds were a sanctuary from Dantus's spies. A haven to work freely without free of attack. It was hidden ,so well that even today we don't know where it is or what's inside. Maybe someday.    



Aurora Tempus

  Aurora and her intel on the The Embrace was extraordinary when she joined their side. However, that was not all she provided. Her magic in illusions was unparalleled even to Amenophis. With Thyrador, they were able to make a plan to finally bring the battle to Dantus himself.   Even though she was completely faithful to the Union. Almost all of them distrusted her in some sort of capacity. It was only Garamond that trusted her and she returned that trust with loyalty.


Their founding was made when the six members rescued Riss from a one of the most guarded prison in history. This struck a critical blow to The Embrace and brought hope to the probability of a rebellion against him. From then on they moved around the continent working to undo what Dantus had created.   While the conflict took a few years, there were a few decisive battles that change the course of their conflict....     [More to come on a later date]   Their success was continued until the fateful year 51 of the Age of Magic. During the a crisp windy day, the union returned to their home for the first time after their victory. However this would be the last time they would meet. The stories say that Riss was the last to arrive, but when he did, he arrived at an unsightly scene. Dark magic inhabited their home. Only a member of the union could find their home, so whomever brought it here was one of them. They together fought to defeat it, but failed. All of them died here and thus ended the Union.   It was the Scion's Circle that found them and their bodies. They freed them from the curse that laid over the land.
These heroes did so much for us whether historians like it or not. It was a sad day when they all passed away.
— Archivist Renna
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Union
The Union
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