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The Alchemists of Shadow

This group is a collection of wielders of dark magic. With five in total, these alchemists are the most dangerous group in the Imperium.


There are only five of them, no more no less. Each has equal authority among the others and they work together to accomplish their goals. While people other then the five work for them, they are not part of their group.

Public Agenda

We don't know what they are trying to accomplish. It is rumored that they caused the Crisis of 898 to ensue chaos, but we at the archives doubt this is true. All organizations, factions, and groups all want power. This has been the way of centuries. Being completely destructive does not given anyone power.   From what sources have indicated that they are dangerous and are out to bring down the current world order for their own.


They were first officially recognized during the Crisis of 898. Their involvement caught the eye of the Emperor and the five have been deemed criminals to the crown. Of course, they have been around a lot longer then 898. The first ever record of them was dated back to 340 LA with an attack on a small hamlet in north fairley. From then on they don't really make an appearance until 898 other then the occasional murders surrounding them. Now, they have increased their presence all over.
Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
The Alchemists
Parent Organization
Related Professions
Notable Members

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