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Dark Alchemist

Some of the most dangerous people in the world, their power rivals the power of an Enchanter. They are soulless beings that sacrificed their ability to feel to wield the power of dark magic.



The user must no longer have a soul and have bound themselves to dark magic.



Dark Alchemists have been around as long as time itself. They have been the villains of every fable and story for good reason. When a Dark Alchemist appears in history, the entire world begins to revolve around them. Their mere presence in a land can alter society and bring ruin to all. Lucky, we have not seen any Dark Alchemists until the Crisis of 3398 from a group called The Alchemists of Shadow.
Dangerous people, they have never been a good influence on the world. I hope that one day those dark arts are never found again.
— ARchivist Renna
Alternative Names
Dark Wizard
Famous in the Field

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